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1.) Sign your support of the Lawyers' Committee petition for grand jury.
Donate to the Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry.
     » Download the Grand Jury petition (Print one for reference)
     » Download the Lawyers' Committee flyers (Print many)
     » Download Grand Jury petition Support signup sheets (Print a few)

2.) Write your Senators informing them of the unanimously passed Senate Resolution SR610 that seeks to declassify information regarding 9/11.
     » Download SR610 (Print one for reference)

3.) Send a pre-written letter to your members of Congress to make them aware of the Bobby McIlvaine Act.
     » Download the Bobby McIlvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act (print one for reference)
     » Download the Letter from Bob McIlvaine (print one for reference)
     » Download the Letter from AE911Truth (print one for reference)
     » Download the Bobby McIlvaine Act Letter from Constituents (print many)
Sign the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition.
     » Download the AE911Truth Petition  (print one for reference)
     » Download the AE 9/11 Truth petition forms (print many)
Donate to the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

4.) Sign the 9/11 Truth Action Project petition to be part of the growing grassroots movement.
Donate to the 9/11 Truth Action Project.
   » Download the 9/11 TAP petition  (print many)

Sanders, Schumer, Gillibrand, Rubio co-sponsor Resolution SR610,
A Resolution Urging the Release of Information Regarding the September 11, 2001
terrorist attacks upon the United States.

Justice is Coming

A.) Read the Petition here for the best understanding of the evidence and legal arguments.

B.) See the evidence:

This is the full list of 57 Grand Jury Petition Exhibits, both PDF and Video types as presented to the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York on April 10, 2018.  Click the exhibit number to see the exhibit on the website for the Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, whom filed the petition with several family members. 

Exhibit 01 Active Thermitic Material- Harrit, Jones, Ryan, Farrer
Exhibit 02   Were Explosives the Source of Seismic Signals – Rousseau
Exhibit 03   118 Witnesses – MacQueen
Exhibit 04A   FDNY– Banaciski
Exhibit 04B   FDNY – Cachia
Exhibit 04C   FDNY –  Campagna
Exhibit 04D   FDNY EMT – Charles
Exhibit 04E   FDNY – Cruthers
Exhibit 04F   FDNY – DeRubbio
Exhibit 04G   FDNY – Deshore
Exhibit 04H   FDNY – Fitzpatrick
Exhibit 04I   FDNY – Gorman
Exhibit 04J   FDNY –  Gregory
Exhibit 04K   FDNY – Rivera
Exhibit 04L   FDNY – Rogers
Exhibit 05   911 Commission Report
Exhibit 06   Waiting For Seven – MacQueen
Exhibit 07   NIST NCSTAR 1-8
Exhibit 08   LDEO Seismic – W.Y. Kim
Exhibit 09   Why Indeed Did The Twin Towers Collapse – Jones
Exhibit 10   NIST FAQ WTC7
Exhibit 11   NIST NCSTAR 1
Exhibit 12   Extremely High Temperatures – Jones
Exhibit 13   Environmental Anomalies – Ryan
Exhibit 14   FEMA 403, Appendix C
Exhibit 15 High Velocity Bursts – Ryan
Exhibit 16 Video WTC7 Collapse Compilation
Exhibit 17  Video Schroeder/Rodriguez
Exhibit 18A  Video WTC2 Collapse Compilation
Exhibit 18B  Video WTC1 Collapse Compilation
Exhibit 19  Video Witness Kenneth Summers
Exhibit 20  Video America Rebuilds -Silverstein
Exhibit 21  Video Pre-Plane Explosion Witnesses
Exhibit 22  Video William Rodriguez
Exhibit 23  Video Gage/McIlvaine/Ketchum @ National Press Club
Exhibit 24  Video Kevin McPadden
Exhibit 25  Video Barry Jennings
Exhibit 26  Video  Molten Steel – Ruvollo
Exhibit 27  Video BBC- Jane Standley @ 5pm
Exhibit 28  Video Basement Explosions – Phillip Morelli
Exhibit 29  Video JIF (Justice In Focus) – Gage and Cole (Explosives)
Exhibit 30A  Video JIF- Gage and Szamboti (WTC7)
Exhibit 30B  Video JIF- Gage and Szamboti (Towers)
Exhibit 31  Video JIF – Gage and Hulsey (
Exhibit 32A  Video JIF – Gage and Chandler (WTC7 Free Fall)
Exhibit 32B  Video JIF – Gage and Chandler (Controlled Demolition)
Exhibit 32C  Video JIF-  Gage and Chandler (Lateral Ejections)
Exhibit 33 Video JIF – Gage and Harrit (Active Thermitics)
Exhibit 34 156 Witnesses – MacQueen
Exhibit 35 Video WTC2 Molten Substance Pouring – Ben Reisman
Exhibit 36  Video WTC2 Molten Substance Pouring
Exhibit 37  Video Rodriguez –  Basement Explosion
Exhibit 38 Video A&E Iron Microspheres Analysis
Exhibit 39  Video JIF – Gage and Cole (Molten Iron)
Exhibit 40  Video Firefighters’ Warnings- MacQueen
Exhibit 41 Image of WTC2 Molten Substance
Exhibit 42 Video JIF – Gage and MacQueen (Explosion Witnesses)

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C.) Support the Lawyers' Committee and victims' family members by signing the grand jury petition. Your name will be displayed on the next supplementary filing.

D.) Print out and share the Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry color handouts.

"Yes ma'am/sir, I'm sharing some legal information for the 9/11 victims' family members on the recent action that was taken". Ask how many people they could give this to and give them however many handouts are needed. Make sure to present an upbeat demeanor, smile, and say thank you as you move on. On a long lunch break I was able to go to my nearest county courthouse, police station, and public works building sharing these handouts.

To help find people who are interested in helping you share the Lawyers' Committee's (LC) message, put your contact info at the bottom of the LC handout. I found an online PDF editor here You may also be able to use this new PDF as I was for a local newspaper ad. I put this at the bottom of my LC handouts: Ad sponsored by <my city/state> 9/11 TAP ( <my contact info>.

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Step 1: Send the Video to Congress

Send a pre-written letter to your members of Congress. It includes a link to the video and urges them to sponsor the Bobby McIlvaine Act.

Step 2: Share the Facebook Video

Post the Bobby McIlvaine video to your Facebook page and build support for 9/11 Justice. Not on Facebook? Share the YouTube video.

If you're an architect or engineer, please sign the petition for Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth

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