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Special thanks to Mick Harrison, (now) the LC's Executive Director, who joined for the 2nd time in order to address specific details of the Grand Jury lawsuit that were brought up by Ed Brotherton. We missed the beginning of the recording unfortunately, but Mick addressed the legal aspect for the first hour, while we discussed the bigger picture in the second hour in true roundtable fashion. Those who joined Sandra and myself were: Mick Harrison Ed Brotherton Christopher Gioia Michael Grillo Pavol Tvrdovsky Deb Lee Jane Clark David Slesinger Alfred Magaletta Susan Serpa Lawrence Fine Cayle Littlechief Matt van Slyke Tony Lambregts Morgan Nowlen Thanks again if you joined. Hope to see you soon if you didn't. Don't be shy to join us next week, when we discuss various avenues of activism, unless something significant happens in the 9/11 Truth Movement in the next week. Think of it as a local hangout where everybody knows your name and we all have the same issue at heart. It's the next best thing. If you have a question or want to hear about a topic, throw it on the table. 🙂 Gene and Sandra


The floor is always open to topics as they arise, but since we were joined by Prof. Richard Ellefritz, who had just presented during the symposium of the Propaganda War On Terror group in the UK, we talked about various subjects that touched on the poll results, and activism in general. The other participants were Morgan Nowlen, Cayle Littlechief, Susan Serpa, Alfred Magaletta, Roy McCoy, Lawrence Fine, Tom Rodman, Patrick Colette, Artie Devlin, and Pal Skoldehaug.


We (Gene and Sandra) had our 2nd 9/11 War Room roundtable discussion with special guest Mick Harrison, as well as Alfred Magaletta, Patrick Collette, David Slesinger, Morgan Nowlen, and Loren Bergeson. Mick is the Litigation Director for the 9/11 Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry (LC) and he helped us understand the complexities of the legal aspects of the grand jury petition in the Southern District of New York. He gave us insight in terms of where things currently stand, and advice on how we can best help the LC move forward as activists.


We (Gene and Sandra) had our first 911 War Room gathering. We recapped some of the recent events, spoke of the 20th anniversary activities, and had the honor of welcoming Christopher Gioia, with whom we discussed the appearance of Capt Patterson at Ground Zero during the anniversary gathering, as well as the current status of Justice for 9/11 Heroes.

We were happy to see Deb Lee, David Slesinger, Ross Muir, and Julia Picicci join the call, as we also discussed possible new directions to take 9/11 Truth advocacy, based on the recent poll figures we saw following the Pulse Opinion Research survey (one of our anniversary initiatives). Three words - "Release the documents" - all of them: the Saudi papers, the pictures from the Pentagon cameras, etc. The greater public needs to get behind this idea. If the government has nothing to hide, then it needs to be transparent.

Chris Gioia sent a follow-up email:


From: Chris Gioia
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2021 7:42 PM
To: Gene Laratonda (
Subject: Re: 9/11 War Room: A community Zoom call every Sunday at 5

Hello Gene,
I regret not having more time to chat. It was good talking to you and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity. The war room is very appropriate as strategy and tactics need to be discussed. We are close Gene, that I feel as well. Now collectively how do we push this over the finish line? That should be a topic moving forward. Lots of good people out there with good ideas. Sandra, David, et al. Maybe next Sunday you could bring that up with your next War Room session. If I have time I'll Stop in. Until then, be well.

Chris Gioia