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We spoke about the Lawyers' Committee upcoming oral arguments scheduled for Friday, Jan 21, 2022 at 10am, which can be viewed via livestream at, and after the fact on the Court's web site,

We continued talking about activism, Xiola re-iterated the importance of tagging people in posts and saving good posts for re-shares later (either the link itself in a folder, or by clicking the 3 dots top right of any post). Old posts can also be brought back to life in people's feeds simply by dropping a comment under them. Important also to take it outside the echo chamber in FB groups not directly related to 9/11 to reach a wider audience.

This month's action item is street activism. Images can be downloaded from Gene's site under "flyers" and "stickers". Einstein can be found under "911WTF". Stickers can be printed at; flyers, business cards and brochures at We would like to see everyone take pictures of where they've put up their material on our new FB page,

Side note: Pete Bennett joined us and spoke from the 15-min to the 55-min mark and shared a ton of personal information that most had trouble making sense of. We let it go too long, but it led to Gene downloading the Bleep app, which came in handy 16 times in under 30 seconds. Just a heads up.

Others who joined Gene and Sandra were Alfred Magaletta, Ray Kraaijenhagen, Sean Nagel, Cayle Littlechief, Bruce Stanley, Curtis Tvrdovsky, Ed Brotherton, Mike Zarzano, Aamir Musa, Matt van Slyke and, for a few seconds, Christopher Gioia.


In the 9/11 WarRoom last week - after an intro covering recent 9/11 News regarding three separate avenues of legal action and Richard's shows - we plunged into 9/11 activism. From how to engage with people regarding 9/11 (Matt van Slyke on Truth booths, Mikey Porazzo on how he gives out info, Cayle Littlechief on using what he wears, Curtis Tvrdrovsky on how he can reach far and wide as a trucker) to specifics such as using the web site (the free online equivalent to Photoshop) to make memes, leaving a 9/11 business card with one's tip at a restaurant [make your own and have them printed via], mailing congresspeople with self-made postcards printed in the same place [addresses can be found at under "Write a letter"], using stickers with QR codes, placing a 9/11 removable vinyl on the side of one's car).

We discussed the idea of focusing on one action item per month as a group. Ideas included:
- Signing the AE/LC petitions and get others to sign / Donate;
- Wearing your 9/11 shirt in public and share the pics; if you don't have one, get one done or order one;
- Trips to fire stations
- Collectively changing our profile pics to the same unique image for a month to pique curiosity;
- Contacting and encouraging a public figure who is supportive of 9/11 Truth to take a more public stand (i.e. William Hurt, Spike Lee);

For this month (and until the end of February since January is halfway over), we decided on stickering/postering/bannering. Images can be downloaded and printed from the but really from anywhere, and printed as posters or stickers. We will all be putting them up in public places and sharing pictures of the results over the next few weeks. 8.5x11 posters can ideally be placed on magazine racks, but one's imagination is the limit.

The zoom ends with a tribute to Ed Asner as produced by JB Hockersmith. Other attendees who joined Gene and Sandra were Alfred Magaletta, Sean Nagel, Ed Brotherton, Deb Lee and Aamir Musa.


In the 9/11 WarRoom this week Gene walked us through some of the basics of Photoshop's online tool,, and showed us how to create a meme from scratch. We encouraged others to bring an image and an idea they would like to express with it to next week's call in order to practice further. 

Gene also showed us where to find and download legal cases currently in the courts from Pacer (Public Access to Court Electronic Records, See for the docket lists and major files discussed.

We had an informal discussion on ways to reach more people on social media, and how to break through in general.

Those who attended this week were:

Alfred Magaletta, Pavol Tadrovsky, Sean Nagel, David Slesinger, Xiola Moon, Ray Kraaijenhagen, Michael Atkinson, Claudio Marty, Cat Watters, Lew Welge, Gene Laratonda, Sandra Jelmi



It was a quiet post-Christmas WarRoom where we discussed aspects of the WTC elevators as Jason Kelly, as a union elevator operator with a background in how elevators are built, joined us for the first time on the call. David Slesinger explained the concept behind, and Ray Kraaijenhagen suggested that it was critical to have an analysis of the NIST report done, specifically focusing on the portions it omitted. Gene walked us a bit more through the Truth advocates' directory,, gave some basic guidelines on how to make a meme using Meme Generator on one's phone and presented the erector set of the Empire State Building he had just finished assembling and under which he planned to light a fire eventually to show that fire, no matter how long it burns, will not bring down a steel structure. Sean Nagel and Xiola Moon joined Gene and Sandra on the call as well.


Gene gave an introduction to his new 9/11 Truth directory, a platform outside of social media for Truth advocates to find each other and connect, with nothing less than a map of exactly where everyone lives. (If you haven't joined yet, do it!

  David Slesinger spoke about Non-Violence in Action, and Richard Mulvey, who was at Ground Zero the day of discussed some of what he witnessed and knows.

Also joining Gene and Sandra were Mikey Porrazzo, Sean Nagel, Alfred Magaletta, Claudio Marty, and Xiola Moon, if memory serves. Some names are being forgotten as I lost my notes, and not everyone speaks during these calls so I couldn't trace them back. Apologies.


Diana Castillo spoke about the anniversary events in Florida, and Alfred Magaletta gave an update about the Dec 16th Boston Tea Party event that had to take place in zoom format now. Gene shared his new Truth directory,, a tool for activists to connect, find each other and be displayed on the world map. Ed stressed the importance of having some structure and organization to keep things moving forward and harness the energy to keep building the next step in practical terms. Others who joined were: JB Hockersmith, Cayle Littlechief, Xiola Moon, Pavol Tadrovsky, Mike Zarzano, Sean Nagel, Ross Muir, Claudio Marty, Paul Mineau, Bruce Stanley, Roy McCoy

20211205 (Part 1) (Part 2)

Breaking down the 911WarRoom call recap:

1 - News
2 - Action items
3 - Topics discussed
4 - Links shared in the chat
5 - Attendees
6 - Attachments

1 - News:

- The Free Thought Project had a story on AE's billboard facing the NYT building
- Funeral of NYPD Firefighter Richard Regal who died of 9/11 related illness
- Richard Gage podcast with Benny Wills on how to effectively communicate about 9/11, and also the power of using humor
- 2nd podcast with Lawrence Fine on WTC4
- William Rodriguez on CNN
- Jan 21, 2022: Oral arguments in court by the LC

2 - Recap of action items that came up during the call:

- Setting up a counter for 9/11-related deaths to keep the impact of 9/11 relevant
- 9/11 Truth music, there should be a tribute to Barry Jennings
- Exponential growth of getting petition signers to get 2-3 others to sign as well- Xmas cards to include links to info & petition to sign
- Chuck Fall: Citizens can form a chapter within the Green party, in his case around militarism, one of the extensions of 9/11
- Incorporate 9/11 into presentations and talks about false flags in general
- Going to protests/conferences where there may be a receptive audience and give out info (flyers/pamphlets) there
- Using TAP as a resource via Little Green Light - any event to be shared can be run by TAP and get quick approval & be sent via email to its base
- When engaging with strangers, make it about them (i.e. "How old were YOU when it happened?"), prompting them to talk, open up and more apt to listen
- Deflect conversation by saying "Some people say..." rather than "I think..."
- Flash mobs to raise awareness and get attention; theatrical skits
- Potential workbook & certification via RGs workshops
- Passive activism (T-shirts, stickers, i.e. Gene putting a small one on the back of his debit card), active activism (giving out flyers, info)
- "9/11 TikTok for Kids" ðŸ™‚

3 - Topics

- In general, we looked at Gene Sharp's 198 Methods of Non-Violent Activism (David S to speak more on that next week)

4 - Links:

- Claudio asked us to take a look at his tips for advocates,
- From Chuck Fall:

- Benny Wills on Richard Gage:
- Benny Wills' YouTube channel:
- Gene Sharp's 198 Methods of non-violent activism:
- From Adam Fitzgerald on geopolitics (sent before the call):

5 - Attendees joining Gene and Sandra:

Ray Kraaijenhagen, Claudio Marty, David Slesinger, Chuck Fall, JB Hockersmith, Alred Magaletta, Rose (Xiola) Moon, Cayle Littlechief, Morgan Nowlen, Ross Muir, Paul Mineau, Roy McCoy, Ed Brotherton, Bruce Stanley, Lew Welge

20211128 (Part 1) (Part 2)

We had a great week in the 911WarRoom, with a big discussion on how to move forward in the Truth movement, the obstacles we face and where to draw on our strengths.

We touched on some ideas quickly, David S's PhysicsDenial idea to reach out to Physics students (and their professors), Gene's suggestion of a 9/11 certification via a Richard Gage educational webinar, but ran out of time and will get into specific action ideas more in depth next Sunday.

We had people joining us for the first time - Xiola Moon, Ray Kraaijenhagen, Pete Bennett, Trina Maria - and old faithfuls like Alfred Magaletta, David Slesinger, Ed Brotherton, Claudio Marty, Cayle Littlechief, Roy McCoy, Ross Muir and David Chandler.

In the chat, the following links were shared:
(Whitney Webb's site)
(Massimo Mazzucco's 9/11 Quiz)

And from Pete Bennett:


Almost 3 hours... there was lots to say.

We gave the floor to Ross Muir who gave us more details regarding his silent movie project and his focus on humanizing the Twin Towers; we spoke with pilot Captain Dan Hanley residing in Pakistan (3am to 6 am there!!!) who shared his knowledge of the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot System, making a case for remotely flown planes, as did Mehmet from Belgium (12 midnight there!) regarding the timing/sequencing of the hijacking, while Adam and Ed made theirs for hijackers on the planes, and we made some headway in having the two sides speak to each other despite disagreeing - a critical step forward.

Lawrence gave a quick peek into his study of WTC 4, while Alfred Magaletta introduced us to his Boston 9/11 Truth group, and David Slesinger re-iterated his idea for having advocates give out flyers or cards to students on college campuses, addressing the fail of the 3 laws of thermodynamics as an entry point (rather than 9/11).

Alfred Magaletta, Jane Millikan, Richard Krushnic, Claudio Marty, Capt Dan Hanley, Mehmet, Susan Serpa, Lawrence Fine, Morgan Nowlen, Adam Fitzgerald, Ed Brotherton, Simon Shack, Cayle Littlechief, Roy McCoy, Lew Welge, David Slesinger, JB Hockersmith, Steve Keller, David Wilcox

This is a roundtable to present and dissect 9/11 views, but more importantly, a place to discuss strategy and activism in all it's facets, politically correct and not so politically correct, including guerrilla tactics of irregular information war. Military war rooms are equipped with maps, location devices, and other equipment which assist to locate the troops. War rooms are a single point where all responsible people are present to make decisions on troops movement, enemy location, and to finalize moves to counter the enemy .

Modern industry adopted this concept in business meeting rooms called a war rooms and are equipped with computers , charts, projectors etc instead of maps and location devices. All responsible agencies are present to discuss the issues. 


The 911WarRoom was back this week. We talked about the latest interview of David Chandler (who joined the call) by Richard Gage, looked at identifying the existing local and virtual 9/11 Truth groups, and the recent declassification of FBI files concerning the Saudi's where Adam Fitzgerald joined us and helped unpack the geopolitical connections involving 9/11. He encouraged us to check out the FBI FOIA records vault here: Thanks also to Alfred Magaletta, Deb Lee, JB Hockersmith, Susan Serpa, Lawrence Fine, Roy McCoy, Ross Muir and Pavol Tadrovsky for joining this week. Ross Muir brought up the topic Fran Shure specializes in, Denial Psychology. Here is a link to an interview of Fran Shure on the topic: For those who were interested in the interview James Corbett had with Marc Crispin Miller, it can be found here: Thanks again if you joined. Hope to see you soon if you didn't. Don't be shy to join us next week, when we discuss various avenues of activism, unless something significant happens in the 9/11 Truth Movement in the next week. Think of it as a local hangout where everybody knows your name and we all have the same issue at heart. It's the next best thing. If you have a question or want to hear about a topic, throw it on the table. 🙂


With many thanks to all who joined Gene and Sandra, many for the first time: David Chandler, Ernie Salle, Morgan Nowlen, Alfed Magaletta, JB Hockersmith, Susan Serpa, Lawrence Fine, Michael Grillo, David Slesinger, Ed Brotherton, Robbie Aloie, Ross Muir, Doug West, Lew Welge, Ken Henry, Roy McCoy, and Deb Lee. Thanks again if you joined. Hope to see you soon if you didn't. Don't be shy to join us next week, when we discuss various avenues of activism, unless something significant happens in the 9/11 Truth Movement in the next week. Think of it as a local hangout where everybody knows your name and we all have the same issue at heart. It's the next best thing. If you have a question or want to hear about a topic, throw it on the table. 🙂


Special thanks to Mick Harrison, (now) the LC's Executive Director, who joined for the 2nd time in order to address specific details of the Grand Jury lawsuit that were brought up by Ed Brotherton. We missed the beginning of the recording unfortunately, but Mick addressed the legal aspect for the first hour, while we discussed the bigger picture in the second hour in true roundtable fashion. Those who joined Sandra and myself were: Mick Harrison Ed Brotherton Christopher Gioia Michael Grillo Pavol Tvrdovsky Deb Lee Jane Clark David Slesinger Alfred Magaletta Susan Serpa Lawrence Fine Cayle Littlechief Matt van Slyke Tony Lambregts Morgan Nowlen Thanks again if you joined. Hope to see you soon if you didn't. Don't be shy to join us next week, when we discuss various avenues of activism, unless something significant happens in the 9/11 Truth Movement in the next week. Think of it as a local hangout where everybody knows your name and we all have the same issue at heart. It's the next best thing. If you have a question or want to hear about a topic, throw it on the table.  Gene and Sandra


The floor is always open to topics as they arise, but since we were joined by Prof. Richard Ellefritz, who had just presented during the symposium of the Propaganda War On Terror group in the UK, we talked about various subjects that touched on the poll results, and activism in general. The other participants were Morgan Nowlen, Cayle Littlechief, Susan Serpa, Alfred Magaletta, Roy McCoy, Lawrence Fine, Tom Rodman, Patrick Colette, Artie Devlin, and Pal Skoldehaug.


We (Gene and Sandra) had our 2nd 9/11 War Room roundtable discussion with special guest Mick Harrison, as well as Alfred Magaletta, Patrick Collette, David Slesinger, Morgan Nowlen, and Loren Bergeson. Mick is the Litigation Director for the 9/11 Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry (LC) and he helped us understand the complexities of the legal aspects of the grand jury petition in the Southern District of New York. He gave us insight in terms of where things currently stand, and advice on how we can best help the LC move forward as activists.


We (Gene and Sandra) had our first 911 War Room gathering. We recapped some of the recent events, spoke of the 20th anniversary activities, and had the honor of welcoming Christopher Gioia, with whom we discussed the appearance of Capt Patterson at Ground Zero during the anniversary gathering, as well as the current status of Justice for 9/11 Heroes.

We were happy to see Deb Lee, David Slesinger, Ross Muir, and Julia Picicci join the call, as we also discussed possible new directions to take 9/11 Truth advocacy, based on the recent poll figures we saw following the Pulse Opinion Research survey (one of our anniversary initiatives). Three words - "Release the documents" - all of them: the Saudi papers, the pictures from the Pentagon cameras, etc. The greater public needs to get behind this idea. If the government has nothing to hide, then it needs to be transparent.

Chris Gioia sent a follow-up email:


Chris Gioia

I regret not having more time to chat. It was good talking to you and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity. The war room is very appropriate as strategy and tactics need to be discussed. We are close Gene, that I feel as well. Now collectively how do we push this over the finish line? That should be a topic moving forward. Lots of good people out there with good ideas. Sandra, David, et al. Maybe next Sunday you could bring that up with your next War Room session. If I have time I'll Stop in. Until then, be well.
Hello Gene,

Subject: Re: 9/11 War Room: A community Zoom call every Sunday at 5
To: Gene Laratonda (
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2021 7:42 PM
From: Chris Gioia