Calls from Flight 175

Garnet “Ace” Bailey (4 calls)
Brian Sweeney (2 calls)
Robert Fangman – FA (3 calls)
Peter Hanson (2 calls)
Garnet “Ace” Bailey – Flight 175

ace bailey
Brian Sweeney – Flight 175

Peter Hanson – Flight 175

hanson family
Robert Fangman (FA) – Flight 175

robert fangman


“Ace” Garnet Bailey – Flight 175

Garnet “Ace” Bailey, a passenger on Flight 175, tries four times to call his wife Katherine, on both her business and home phone lines. According to the 9/11 Commission, his attempts are unsuccessful, and he never gets to speak to her.

Bailey was assigned a seat in row 6 of the plane but attempts the calls using a phone in row 32. According to a summary of phone calls from the hijacked flights presented at the 2006 Zacarias Moussaoui trial, however, while one of his calls does not connect, the other three do and last for 22 seconds, 25 seconds, and 9 seconds.

Bailey’s wife will later appear to confirm not having received any calls from her husband, recalling that when the plane struck the South Tower at 9:03 a.m., “We had no idea” Garnet was on it, and that “I had no thought he was in harm’s way.”
Garnet “Ace” Bailey, 53, of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, was director of pro scouting for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. Bailey was entering his 33rd season as a player or scout in the National Hockey League and his eighth with the Kings. Before joining the Kings, he spent 13 years as a scout for the Edmonton Oilers, a team that won five Stanley Cups during that time. As a player, Bailey spent five years with the Boston Bruins and was a member of Stanley Cup championship teams in 1969-70 and 1971-72. Bailey also spent parts of two seasons each with the Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues, and three years with the Washington Capitals. He is survived by his wife, Katherine, and son, Todd.

Profile: Garnet Bailey
Bailey’s Flight 175 plane was at appx. 28,000 to 33,500 feet at the time of his calls.He shouldn’t of been able to make any connections at all.


Brian Sweeney – Flight 175 (Cell Phone)

‘We Have Some Planes’

“At 8:59, Flight 175 passenger Brian David Sweeney tried to call his wife, Julie. He left a message on their home answering machine that the plane had been hijacked. He then called his mother, Louise Sweeney, told her the flight had been hijacked, and added that the passengers were thinking about storming the cockpit to take control of the plane away from the hijackers.” – 9/11 Commission Report [Local]
Widow: 9/11 passengers planned to resist

“About three-and-a-half minutes before the doomed United Airlines Flight 175 struck the trade center’s south tower, Brian David Sweeney, a 38-year-old former U.S. Navy pilot from Barnstable, Massachusetts, made two phone calls. Sweeney left a message for his wife, Julie, on his home answering machine, then he called his mom. “We assume he was calling from the back of the plane, because he said, ‘They might come back here. I might have to go. We are going to try to do something about this,’ ” Julie recalled. The message Brian Sweeney left his wife on their answering machine was a farewell, she said. “If things don’t go well, and it’s not looking good, I want you to know I absolutely love you,” Julie Sweeney recalled him saying. Julie Sweeney said she thinks the main reason Brian made the calls was to “let us know where he was, what was happening, and to give us his final love and wishes for our lives, because he knew he was on a doomed flight,” she said. The Sweeneys described the two phone calls to FBI agents who visited them the day of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Sweeney, who flew an F-14 in the Persian Gulf War and was a U.S. Navy flight instructor for the Navy in Miramar, California, was working for a Defense Department contractor, Brandes Associates. “Reports from Flight 175 included one passenger predicting the hijackers intended to fly an aircraft into a building,” the commission staff statement said. “Another said the passengers were considering storming the cockpit.” The statement did not indicate who made the calls. There is no mention of such calls in Congress’ report of its investigation into the attacks.” – CNN (03/10/04)


Flight UAL 175] “At 8:52, in Easton, Connecticut, a man named Lee Hanson received a phone call from his son Peter, a passenger on United 175. His son told him: “I think they’ve taken over the cockpit—An attendant has been stabbed— and someone else up front may have been killed. The plane is making strange moves. Call United Airlines—Tell them it’s Flight 175, Boston to LA. Press reports confirm that Peter Hanson was using his cell (i.e it was not an air phone). Unless the plane had suddenly nose-dived, the plane was still at high altitude at 8.52. (Moreover, Hanson’s call could have been initiated at least a minute prior to his father Lee Hanson picking up the phone.)

“It’s getting bad, Dad. A stewardess was stabbed. They seem to have knives and Mace. They said they have a bomb. It’s getting very bad on the plane. The plane is making jerky movements. I don’t think the pilot is flying the plane. I think we are going down. I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building. Don’t worry, Dad. If it happens, it’ll be very fast…Oh my God…oh my God, oh my God.”

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