Dr Judy Wood and a few of her supporters have been promoting a theory that Direct Energy Weapons aka “Space Beams” brought down the 2 Towers and Building 7 on 9/11! This has been going on for several years now and enough is enough. It’s time to call out the disinformation.



The “Space Beam” theory is completely absurd and is a hoax to discredit the entire truth movement. I have gone through Dr Judy Woods’ presentation point by point, only to realize that it’s very manipulating, deceiving and lacks any scientific evidence. The Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) theory does not focus on evidence at all but rather speculates on unimportant things that have simple explanations and are easily refuted. Judy Wood raises more questions than she has answers and she bases her theory on speculation and assumptions rather than facts and scientific evidence. This leads me to believe that there is no credibility to Dr Judy Wood and her cult of “Space beamers”. I also notice that many “Space Beamers” I come across are also no plane “Hologrammers”. Either these people believe every conspiracy theory out there or they are agents with a hidden agenda. Stop being a useful idiot to the perps. There is no evidence at all that supports the theory that Directed Energy Weapons brought down the Towers. This claim not only discredits the 9/11 Truth Movement by association but also causes pointless division.

If and when Judy Wood can show strong evidence that supports her theory and until she stops spreading false information, I will continue to believe that Judy Wood is a disinfo agent.

Judy Wood = Disinfo agent.


Here are some bizarre quotes made by Dr Judy Wood:

“I’m not saying there is absolutely no debris, because someone may have had some, like, pennies on their windowsill that fell out. They might be falling down. But it’s not a significant volume of material.” – Judy Wood

“The spire dustified.” – Judy Wood
“The Building went up.” – Judy Wood
“There was no heat.” – Judy Wood
“The Towers never hit the ground.” – Judy Wood
“Once upon a time there were buildings, and then they went away.”
“there’s no debris.”
“Turned in to dust in mid air.”
Judy Wood uses the terms….. “Ray Beam”, “Dustification”, “Fuzzyblobs”, “fuzzball”, “Jellification”, “transmutation”, “Snow ball”, and “Cheetos”, and calls it “Empirical Evidence”.
“You put something in your microwave oven and leave something extra long and see what happens to it…. Hey, I haven’t tried a fork in there. I know you’re not supposed to, but I’m waiting for someone else to do it, to see what happens.” – Judy Wood


Judy Wood claims the towers turned to dust, the 1.6 million tons of debris recovered prove that false.

Judy Wood claims Hurricane Erin was not reported. Hurricane erin was reported on August 30th, 2001 on the Weather Channel and was reported on 9/11 itself.

Judy Wood claims the pile was cold, but uses the phrase “molten metal” on drjudywood dot com.

Judy Wood claims the cars on FDR were toasted on FDR drive. The cars were towed there to make way for emergency vehicles.

Judy Wood claims the spire turned to dust. Higher resolution videos clearly show the spire intact and sinking into the debris pile.

Judy Wood claims the pile was not large enough. Considering the fact that both towers 1 and 2 had a 600 foot debris radius, the observed pile was sufficiently high.
Judy Wood And Why 9/11 Debates Still Rage On

“I was recently contacted by a fairly affable fellow who wanted to know my general thoughts on the world and events like 9/11. It’s a common occurrence in the wider “truth movement” that people have this desire to get everybody on the same page. They’ll give you a list of subjects (chemtrails, vaccines etc) and if you deviate from their dogma, then you might be a shill. In this case he wasn’t that extreme, but one sticking point was the 9/11 theory of Dr. Judy Wood.”


Judy Wood Comedy Routine


In 2007 Dr. Greg Jenkins interviewed Dr. Wood about her theory, and asked her if she “could give an overview of the proposed types of weapons that could be used.”

Wood’s reply was extremely revealing. “Errrm we haven’t really got in to listing them yet … just energy weapons,” she shrugged. When prompted to explain what form these weapons would take, Wood responded: “I don’t think we even need to define it.”

Directed Energy Weapons? LOL! Dr Greg Jenkins Destroys Judy Wood (Full Interview)
Judy’s theory put to the test. If this happened to the Towers on 9/11, I might take Judy Wood more seriously. lol


Super Mario Brothers (1993) and the WTC
9/11: Dr Judy Wood Tells Why She Laughed While Watching the WTC Attacks on T.V.


Molecular Dissociation: from Dust to Dirt
(“Cheetos” and instant rust)
By Judy Wood
This page last updated, July 20, 2007



Aluminum Glows

“After melting, the aluminum forms a ball. (It looks like a rising loaf of bread!) Notice that the drip hanging below (near the right end of the boat) is glowing, yet has a more silver color than the “bread loaf.””

The Star Wars Beam Weapons and Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)

Real Scientists do not use words like “Ray Beam”, “Dustified”, “Fuzzyblobs”, “Fuzzball”, “Jellification”, “Transmutation”, “Cheetos”, “Snowball” when describing 9/11.

Never disrespect the “empirical evidence”.




1) Has Judy Wood ever tested the Dust from Ground Zero? She would have had lots of time at Clemson to study it.

2) Why does Judy Wood ignore the reports of Molten Steel? Why does she claim the pile was cold?


3) Why does Judy Wood ignore the witness reports/testimony of Explosives?

4) Does Judy Wood believe that “No Planes” hit the towers?

5) Why does Judy use unscientific words like “ray beam”, “dustification”, “fuzzyblobs” “fuzzball”,”Jellification”, “transmutation”, “cheetos”, “snowball”, and “holes” while discussing her “empirical evidence”?

6) Why did the Towers and Building 7 collapse in a different manner with her DEW theory?

7) Why does Judy continue to push disinformation that the Spire “dustified”?

8) Why does Judy Wood spend more time trying to discredit AE911 then proving her own theory?

9) Why does Judy Wood continue to push disinformation that “toasted cars” were damaged miles away from GZ (E.g. Cop Car #2723)?

10) Did Judy Wood suffer a coma during the 80’s?

11) Why does Judy Wood feel that Hurricane Erin is relevant to what happened to the Towers?

12) Why won’t Judy give us the names of suspects she feels are responsible for 9/11?

13) Since Judy claims that the Towers were “dustified”, how does she explain the 1.6 Million Tons of debris at Ground zero?

“Hundreds of workers labored around the clock since September 11 to reclaim the bodies of those who died in the attack and to remove the 1.6 million tons of steel and concrete left behind.”
“108,342 truckloads of debris.”

14) What happened between you and James Fetzer? You used to be good friends but then you had a falling apart, please explain?

15) Why did Judy Wood think her theory would be heard in a court of law based on speculation and pseudo science.



Debunking Dr Judy Wood
DISINFO: “Toasted Cars”
DISINFO: The WTC Spire “Dustified”
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DISINFO: “The pile was cold”
DISINFO: “Space Beams”

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