DISINFO: An American Airlines Global Hawk hit the Pentagon

DISINFO: An American Airlines Global Hawk hit the Pentagon

Some people in the 9/11 Truth Movement believe that a unmanned remote drone known as a Global Hawk is what hit the Pentagon. The picture they use to support this claim is a photoshopped image of an American Airline Global Hawk.

Global Hawk AA

A Plausible Theory?

9/11 Eyewitness Claims Plane That Hit Pentagon Was A Global Hawk UAV


There is not enough evidence to prove that “Flight 77” hit the Pentagon, let alone a Global Hawk.

Also, there is not one witness at the Pentagon that saw a Global Hawk approaching the Pentagon. Not to mention there is a huge difference between a 757 and a Global Hawk. A Global Hawk is less than a 1/3rd the size of a Boeing 757.
What is a Global Hawk?

“The Global Hawk is a reconnaissance aircraft that can cruise above 65,000 feet. The Global Hawk weighs 9,200 lbs empty, but can carry over 14,000 lbs of fuel in addition to a payload of almost a ton. It is 44 feet long with a wingspan of 116 feet.”
“Aircraft Specifications

Length: 44.4 ft (13.5 m)
Wingspan: 116.2 ft. (35.4 m)
Height: 15.2 ft (4.6 m)”

Source: www.sobchak.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/globalhawkcutaway.jpg
Can you tell the difference between a Boeing 757 and a Global Hawk?

Boeing 757

Global Hawk
Here is the photoshopped image of the American Airline Global Hawk.

Globalhawk AA

Source: www.upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a3/Defense.gov_News_Photo_041028-F-5637S-007.jpg


SPECULATIVE DISINFO. The image is photoshopped and there is no hard evidence that a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon.

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