On 9/11, the laws of physics were suspended for one day and one day only. Newtons laws of motion went AWOL and it’s like everything we have been told about gravity since grade school was a lie. Take the 9/11 physics quiz and try not to fall for this new physics we all witnessed on 9/11. The laws of motion do not lie but governments have been known to.

1) Which Block will hit the ground first?

A) Right.
B) Left.
C) Roughly the Same Time.
D) Not sure after 9/11.


2) You drop each stack of books at the same time, which stack will hit the bottom first?

A) Stack A.
B) Stack B.
C) Roughly the same time.
D) Are they Harry Potter books?


3) You have 4 Cinder blocks stacked on top of each other and you pick up the top block and drop it onto the bottom 3 blocks. What happens?

A) The top block remains in tact and comes to a rest on the bottom 3 blocks or cracks and falls off the side.
B) The top block completely pulverizes the entire 3 blocks underneath turning into dust.
C) The top block will levitate over the bottom 3 blocks.
D) None of the above.



4) A 16 story building is rigged with explosives on the 8th floor. After detonation, what’s going to happen?

A) The top 8 floors is going to come to a rest on the lower 8 floors.
B) The top 8 floors is going to pulverize the bottom 8 floors.
C) The entire building will tip over.
D) They should have used Jet Fuel.


Video Footage

5) You drop a Volkswagen bug onto a bus, what happens?

A) The bug will land on the bus or bounce off.
B) The bug will smash through the entire bus.
C) The bug will transform into a tricked out Volkswagon Bus.
D) 9/11 happened in America not Germany.


9 11 Physics – You Can’t Use Common Sense

6) A 6 lbs bowling ball is dropped from a height of 76″ over 26 Sheets of glass spaced 3 inches apart weighing 6 lbs each. How many sheets of glass will break?

A) 5
B) 1
C) 10
D) All of them while blowing out the side walls. Duh.


Nerd wins challenge with 9/11 Truth physics

9/11 Reference at 4:50 and the Experiment/Challenge starts at 8 Minutes.

7) You are playing Jenga with a group of friends and the Jenga Tower starts to get tippy. What’s going to eventually happen as the game progresses?

A) Sections fall or tip off to the side.
B) Fall straight through itself turning to sawdust.
C) Explode and eject Jenga pieces all across the room.
D) I never liked Jenga.


9/11 Jenga

8) If I cut a left wedge into this tree, which way will the tree fall?

A) Left.
B) Right.
C) Straight down through itself.
D) Does the tree make a sound?


9) A 20 lbs hollow pumpkin is shot from a cannon at 500 mph towards a van door. What will happen?

A) The pumpkin will penetrate through the door.
B) The pumpkin will dent the door and fall to the ground.
C) The pumpkin will turn into pumpkin pie.
D) Happy Halloween.


Pumpkin Canon vs Van

10) A plane nose dives into the dirt at roughly 500 mph. What would you expect to see?

A) Large chunks of debris, engines, and luggage spread out over the area.
B) Nothing that you could distinguish that a plane crashed there.
C) Nothing but a hole in the ground with some junk in it.
D) None of the above.


11) You pick up the top case of Beer and drop it on top of the bottom three cases. What is going to happen to the top case?

A) It will come to a rest on the bottom three cases.
B) It will smash every bottle while hurling beer caps all over the place.
C) It will transform into a Keg.
D) What a waste of beer.


12) This top block needs to squash the remaining structure as flat as a pancake (so to speak) in approximately 10 Seconds. How do you accomplish this?

A) Rig the structure with explosives.
B) Fly a plane into it.
C) Use Jet fuel and ignite it.
D) Absolutely nothing. Gravity will do it’s thing.


13) What is capable of turning structural steel into a molten state?

A) Thermite
B) Gasoline
C) Jet fuel/Kerosene
D) A camp fire.


14) Which Marble will hit the bottom first?

A) Corn Syrup
B) Milk
C) World Trade Center
D) Olive oil


Thread: https://www.facebook.com/physicsisawesome/photos/a.533755626685715.1073741824.166136336780981/710335195694423/

15) 5 Buildings are rigged with explosives incorrectly, also known as a failed demo. What happens?

A) The buildings remain standing or tip over.
B) The building totally collapse.
C) They should have used jet fuel and lit the upper floors on fire.
D) I’m starting to see the purpose of this quiz.


Red Road Flats FAIL Demolition In Glasgow (RAW VIDEO)

16) There is a stack of 25 cases of Coke Zero. If you were to take the top 5 cases and drop them on the bottom 20. What would happen?

A) The top stack of Coke Zero will come to a rest on the bottom stack.
B) The top 5 stacks will crush and pulverize the bottom 20 stacks at near free fall.
C) The cases of Sprite will collapse 8 hours later.
C) Coke Zero will become Ground Zero and you need a mop.



Thank you for completing the 9/11 Physics Quiz. Sir Isaac Newton was indeed a “conspiracy theorist” and the new 9/11 physics do not lie. Everything you learned in school about science and physics was wrong. It’s true, 9/11 changed everything.

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