Charlie Veitch is an ex truther that changed his mind about 9/11 after filming the BBC documentary called Conspiracy Road Trip. It seems the BBC got to Charlie for him to make such a drastic 180 on his views. Let’s look more into Mr. Veitch.


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No Emotional Attachment to 9/11 Theories – The Truth is Most Important
26th March Insurrection – Statement by Charlie Veitch of the the Love Police
“They (Black Bloc) actually committed a very great act of LOVE”
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911 conspiracy road trip | The Lego Towers
Brent L. Blanchard With Love Police Charlie Veitch (LEGO TOWERS)
Charlie Veitch “changing his opinion” about 9/11
Conspiracy Road Trip – BBC 2011 – Part 1-4 (Charlie Veitch)
Hitler finds out Charlie Veitch has betrayed 9/11 truth
“Big Terrorist Attacks Will Come From Conspiracy Theorists” Says Charlie Veitch

Charlie seems to be a pro on Kinetic energy all of a sudden! Charlie believes Kinetic energy was the reason for the Towers collapse. For a minute, let’s give Charlie the benefit of the doubt….. so how does Kinetic Energy answer these questions?

How did Kinetic energy make NORAD stand down for almost an hour and a half?
How did Kinetic energy reincarnate atleast 7 of the highjackers?
How did Kinetic energy make 6 out of the 10 commissioners say “We were setup to fail?
How did Kinetic energy make bombs go off in the buildings?
How did Kinetic energy misplace 2.3 trillion dollars at the Pentagon?
How did Kinetic energy make the BBC report the collapse of WTC 7 20 minutes early?
How did Kinetic energy confiscate 85 videos at the pentagon?
How did Kinetic energy make OBL NOT wanted by the FBI?
How did Kinetic energy create Molten metal?
How did Kinetic energy create Nano Thermite?
How did Kinetic energy let go of the 5 Dancing Israeli’s who were in New York to “Document the event”?
How did Kinetic energy create 100’s of government whistleblowers?
Why didn’t this Kinetic energy affect every other building fire?
Was Kinetic energy used on the USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin or Operation Northwoods?
Where was the Kinetic energy for the Madrid Building fire?
Why did this Kinetic energy take 441 days to start an investigation?
Did Building 7 have this same kinetic energy to cause its virtual collapse?
Did Kinetic energy make Flight 93 vaporize? or was that another type of energy?
Have you ever spoke about Kinetic energy with the 1500+ professionals at AE911?



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