Methodical Illusion – Rebekah Roth


Methodical Illusion – Rebekah Roth

Rebekah Roth is the Author of a new 9/11 Truth book titled Methodical Illusion. Rebekah was on Blog Talk Radio for the entire week of Nov 17-21 to give testimony in regards to 9/11 and to talk about her new book. She is a former Flight Attendant with nearly 30 years experience in the airline industry and this is her story on how she awoken to the truth about 9/11 from the perspective of an airline employee. Although I may not agree with everything she claims, the amount of evidence she does present is not to be discounted. She is very well spoken and versed on the topic and she explores areas about 9/11 that aren’t widely discussed within the movement.


“Book of Fiction”

It sure looks like she’s taking this movement for a ride while capitalizing off it from fictional book sales. When an author purposely writes a book about 9/11 and then classifies it as a “fictional” novel, you need to stop and ask yourself why. Many Authors have written Great books about 9/11 and none of them were in the Fiction section.

I also couldn’t help but notice that in her first book, she plagiarized the work of James Corbett’s epic 5 minute video titled “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory”. There was never any credit given and she stole his script word for word.

Who is Rebekah Roth?

Rebekah Roth came out and joined the 9/11 Truth Movement  for about 2 years now. No one had ever heard the name Rebekah Roth before this, or had they?

When Rebekah stated that she had been a Flight Attendant and was writing a book about 9/11, this reminded me of an old friend I had on Facebook and had spoken to several times with on the phone in 2012. But her name wasn’t Rebekah Roth, it was Monika Gainor. She told me all about her story and her book and we had a good truth friendship. I even sent her my entire Repository of 9/11 information. So when I heard Rebekah Roth on the radio, I noticed she was using a lot of what I had sent her in her interviews. So I contacted Rebekah Roth through PM on Facebook and I asked her if she knew who Ken Doc was. Her response was that she had never heard of me before. So I had another friend contact Rebekah and sure enough, Rebekah had heard of me and made a comment saying “Ken Doc’s research is weak.”. I don’t have any issue with people using my information that I have collected over the last 10 years. But to not give me any credit for it AND to deny knowing who I am. Well that’s a blatant lie.


Other things I have found out about Rebekah Roth is that she and her husband, Mike Harris run a Natural Supplements business called “Phixyourhealth”. Her husband refers to her as Koreann and Monika.

“Monika’s Musings” (Off line)

Mike Harris (Monika’s husband)

Michael A Harris’ book is dedicated to KoreAnn

“In April, KoreAnn and I took a job together in northern Nevada. The demands and intensity of our positions made it impossible for me to write, causing the story and its ideas to languish in neglect. KoreAnn often encouraged me to pick up the story so that I could finish telling her about Kathryn and David, but her pleas remained unheeded and I found I was never in a frame of mind to craft the words or develop the stories lines for the characters.”



Rebekah Roth did a podcast defending herself against the “trolls” that are attacking her. In this video she admits to using a fake name in order to protect herself. Her real name is Koreann Ashlie and she requests that this video go “Viral”.

The Rebekah Roth Show ~ Truth Out


KoreAnn Ashlie
MADISON properties, Bellevue, Washington
p: 425.241.3893
License Type: Real Estate Broker
License Number: 79620
License Status: Cancellation
First Issued Date: Nov 12 2004
License Issued: Dec 26 2007
Expiration Date: Dec 25 2009

KoreAnn Ashlie

KoreAnn Ashlie


“You Deserve First Class Service!”
All results for Koreann Ashlie (Ancestry)
Obituary for Dolores ”Dolly” J. McQuade
November 11, 1929 – September 22, 2011

“She is survived by her sons Jack McQuade of Ellensburg and Mike McQuade of Issaquah,
daughter Koreann Ashlie (Kristy), grandchildren Sheamus, Meagan, Roya, Sabrina, and Cristina and great-grandson Elijah, sisters and brother Joyce, Marlene, and “Butch”.”


A lady by the name of Carol Lee Bils made a post in the 1,000,000 group and I decided to look into who Kristine Sorensen is.

First I like to say thank you for allowing me to join you again..
I have some very Important and Disturbing Information for all of you here. I will only speak for myself, and on my be half.
I once joined you a while back, last year around October or so I had un joined you, Why did I do this? I was lied to and deceived..
Around October 2015, I had been told that this group was an interference to the 911 movement, I was told this by a so called Author who only knew the truth, and the rest of the 911 truthers out there were just trolls and such, Rebekah Roth Author of Methodical Illusion/Deception.. had told me to un join your group that you were interfering with the truth of 911, I became wearing of everyone who claimed to be a 911 truther because of this Bitch.. yes I said it, and I won’t take it back, this is why, she had gained the trust of thousands of followers for her bull shit theory, and information that only she knew that no ones else had knowledge of, not only has this Bitch made people think she had been planted by the Federal Government to disturb the truth of 911, but she was the only one with the whole truth, After learning of a very good friend being deleted by her, I contacted my friend to see what was going on, this is when I learned things about her, then I contacted another good friend of mine who happened to be an ex Federal Attorney, who i spoke with about things regarding this Rebekah Roth, upon hours of my own research into the R.R. I have found several alias, one of which she introduced herself as at a 911 Dallas, TX convention last year as a Sarah Rebecca Bulla Folger, from Keller, TX. the people she introduced her self as this person talked with other 911 truthers, and to find that she had stolen an identity of a woman who lived in Keller with that name, upon further investigation by my friend, he had found that she has a warrant out for her arrest in the state of Washington, for pulling a knife on her brother, besides being a fugitive from Justice, she has been a seller of essential oils under the name Monika Gainor, you tube, phixyourhealth, she also appeared on a Cabana talk show in Las Vegas, you tube Cabana talk her name she used on there was Kristine Sorensen, she also used the names of KoreAnn Ashlie Nourani, she was born Meri Kristine MCQuade, according to her brother the one she pulled a knife on, she had changed her name at 32 years old because according to him, it was a cool thing she wanted to do, sorry I don’t buy it, her name was changed for a reason, people have asked me what I now thought about this R.R. person, I have said that I think she is a con and probably was planted by the Fed Gov, as a means to discredit the real 911 truthers, I think exposing the truth of this Rebekah Roth and her purpose to move people away from the real truthers was a failed planned, She caused her own fate, and is now being exposed as the Real Fraud of 911 movement, She has a 3rd book coming out and I believe the truth must get out to stop her conning and deceiving people. she is a LIAR and a Dis Service to all who are truth seekers in the 911 movement, and No One is after her to harm her,she is begging for money now due to security for her and her family, she is scared because her warrant was made public, it’s a matter of time before fraud charges will be brought up against her.”
Cabana Talk with Jen Kunkel


Rebekah Roth is the lady on the left referred to as Kristine Sorensen
Cabana Talk With Abfabwomen and Michael A. Harris Author of Windsweeping

Here is afabwoman (Deborah Koeppel) interviewing RR’s husband Mike Harris. @10:30 in the video Mike starts talking about his wife and how they have been living in hotels and short term rentals.
Deborah Koeppel and her good friend Kristine Sorensen (aka RR)



Dear Wendy thread and Monika starts right away with the Jews
Thread in the group and Monika showed up. John Lear is brought up. (2013)
Brian Lloyd – Anybody make any effort today to talk 9/11 with a friend/family?
Linda Ducharme
September 23, 2012
Since I’ve joined this group I have learned a lot and also done a lot of research as well.
Linda Ducharme
October 6, 2012
Has anyone linked Blackwater to 9/11?
Monika talking about Missiles

On a Youtube video Monika claims a missile was shot from the woolworth building. Which of course is false.

Woolworth building – footage during 9/11World trade center attacks – alleged missiles.
Susan Lindauer
April 18
A mind-blowing interview that shatters the hijacking myth behind 9/11 Rebekah Roth’s book “Methodical Illusion” relies on 30 years of airline flight attendant experience & thousands of hours of research.”


Rebekah Roth Fanpage

Rebekah Roth


Monika Gainor

Rebekah also has several troll accounts that she uses to promote her book.

Cleta Jones



Ailsa Keirath


Rebekah Roth is now attacking AE911 claiming they are infiltrators of this movement. Ae911 puts back into this movement whereas Rebekah is the one profiting from it. Where do your proceeds go Rebekah? She is also claiming that AE911 has been infiltrated by the perps of 9/11. Pretty big claim for someone with no proof of that.




Claudio Marty gets taken to task about his ego by Rebecca Roth and cries on air.

Listen to the segment here:

Full broadcast here. Starts at exactly the one hour mark. (1:00:00)


Rudy Dent

“There was a misunderstanding of wrongful allegations, with a dangerous and hurtful pursuit of a fellow Champion for truth. Her name is Rebekah Roth, She is the former Air Line Stewardess who recognized certain major errors in the Government’s 9/11 story in regards to the flights on that day! She spent thirteen years of zealous diligence researching and uncovering information no one has explained or even effectively approached in her new book, “Methodical Illusion”

It was Dan Plesse that stalked her and posted many screenshots on his shitty blog. Dan Plesse is a disinfo troll.

Is Rebekah Roth a No Planer/Space Beamer?

Rebekah Roth has come out recently pushing the WTC No Plane Theory. Is this what she really believes or is she trying to recruit these people in order to sell more copies of her book. If so, then she is not true to this movement and simply trying to make money off it. Monika Gainor is a hologram morphed into Rebekah Roth!

For all you Rebekah Roth fans out there, did you know she believes in the No Plane Hologram theory? Methodical Illusion should have been the first clue. Now she’s taking this movement for another ride with Methodical Deception. Keep giving her your money as she is capitalizing off this movement while spreading disinformation.

Your beloved Rebekah Roth is a WTC No Planer and the trolls are flocking to her! Look for yourself.


RR is doing interviews with Pete Santilli. He’s a Judy Wood, Crisis Actor disinfo agent. Monika is really destroying her credibility. Not that she had any. In the second video, Santilli turns on Roth and pulls his endorsement of her.

The Most Explosive 9-11 Facts Revealed In 14 Years – Rebekah Roth On The Pete Santilli Show

Rebekah Roth’s Methodical Deceit – A Real Investigation By Kurt Haskell (Pete Santilli)

James Fetzer has written up a Hit Piece on Rebekah Roth. As much as I don’t approve of Rebekah Roth, James Fetzer is not to be trusted at all.

Rebekah’s METHODICAL ILLUSION may be Rebekah herself

“According to several sources, I have been told that Rebekah’s real name is Monika Gainor. She appears to be working for the CIA, which no doubt appreciated her gifts for instant memorization and smooth articulation. She has blonde hair, but wears a brunette wig and glasses to disguise her identity. They have also told me that, far from being exceptionally skilled at research, she plagiarized (actually, stole) a terabyte of data from a long-time student of 9/11 and appropriated his last 10 years of research as her own. “Rebekah” frequently claims she has “a terabyte of information”, which is stunning by itself.”

“Now, I am fallible and capable of making mistakes. My sources are highly credible, however, and what they have told me supports my interpretation of her role as that of reaffirming the existence of the planes and passengers on 9/11. As I explained at the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, a great deal of evidence substantiates that none of those planes crashed on 9/11. Since none of the planes crashed, none of the passengers aboard them could have died in crashes that did not take place. I believe Monika has been assigned to skate around the evidence to restore the planes and the passengers as elements of the official account.”

Rebekah’s Reply to Fetzer:

“For those of you that have not read Methodical Deception yet, This BS that Jim Fetzer and Judy Wood et al are up to by trying to discredit me, my career and my research, THIS very issue is addressed in the book! These two and any others that end up joining them in their baseless personal attacks are the REASON I stayed out of their ‘movement’….. LOL and they are the reason the truth has remained hidden. I will not engage in their childish BS. Fetzer tried to carpet bomb my facebook account then immediately blocked me on FB! LOL now, HOW childish is that? and HOW interested in the truth and my experience could he really be? ARE YOU SEEING the PROBLEM in the 911 truth “movement” yet?
These two are causing more and more division and have done so since they opened their mouths, me on the other hand I found out what happened to the planes, passengers, crew members and now have proof which you will find in this second book and in the sequel’s appendix. REAL people interested in the truth do not act like egotistical children, jealous of someone else uncovering more than they did. THESE people are using the old Saul Allinsky Rules for Radicals tactics! LOL
But, When you read the Methodical Deception, YOU will recognize what these people are trying to do. I wrote about it because I saw how effective their game was to silence airline professionals that knew more about hijackings and what did and did not or could and could not happen on 911.”



I have not read Rebekah Roth’s books but I have heard several of her podcasts and read a few of her posts on Facebook. She is well spoken and versed on the topic of 9/11 but I find almost everything that she is saying is based on conjecture and speculation. Maybe that’s why her books are classified as Fiction. It would appear that her style is to fill the movement with so much speculation that it makes people not sure what to believe. Just because Rebekah was an airline attendant for nearly 30 years does not make her an expert on 9/11. The same way John Lear (retired Airline pilot) isn’t an expert when it come to holograms. Since when did speculation and assumptions become fact? The information she presents is not new, it’s been around for years. What she does is twist this info creating speculation and erroneous claims that lack any factual proof. Everyone is free to believe what they want but when I see someone boasting about their “research” and then they start posting about hologram planes, missiles and healing buildings. As a truth seeker, I question that. The last point I want to make is that if anyone challenges Rebekah Roth on her beliefs, you will be blocked by her on Facebook. You either believe everything she says or you go on the shit list.

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