Mick West, the creator of Metabunk, has been debunking “Conspiracy Theories” for years on his Blog. He creates incomparable experiments and claims he has debunked them. For more information and our debate, look at the links below. Mick is a real treat.

About Mick West

My name is Mick West. I’m a science writer and debunker. I used to be a video games programmer.

My sites:

“Metabunk.org – all about bunk and how to debunk it. A polite forum of and about debunking.
ContrailScience.com – About contrails and the “chemtrail” conspiracy theory
CowboyProgramming.com,- where I write about games programming, and post some of the experimental code I have written.”


Mick makes an appearance in the 9/11 Truth Movement

I shared a video of Steven Jones on this thread and Mick, who had never made a comment ever in the 9/11 TM, replied that one of my memes were incorrect. Here is that thread:

“Dr Steven Jones was one of the first 9/11 Researchers I took interest in. I haven’t seen him around for years but here is an older video of Steven Jones explaining the collapse of the Towers in layman’s terms.”


Metbunk Thread:
After the thread got buried I decided to create a new post challenging Mick to create his “tower experiment” again, here is that thread:

I, Ken Doc challenge Mick West (creator of Metabunk) to redo his experiment exactly the same way but this time to SCREW each piece of wood together. Deal?


UPDATE: Mick West accepted my challenge but instead of rebuilding the exact same experiment. Mick conceded that it would not collapse because “screws made his structure too strong.”





Mick West did a similar experiment but instead of screws, he used magnets to attach the structure together. At 2:25 his experiment fails and in his own words he says “partial collapse”. So he takes off the magnetic supports in order to deceive his viewers of structural failure at 4:00.

Mick also drops the boards through the center of the structure with least support.



Mick West was on the Joe Rogan show back in 2013. It’s a 3 hour video but you can skip to the 1 hour 40 minute mark to listen to Mick and Joe discuss Building 7.

Joe Rogan Experience #388 – Mick West, Bryan Callen

Metabunk DEBUNKED! Mick West is a SHILL!


Mike West is a shill for the Government and believes there is no such thing as “Conspiracy Theories” or “Government Corruption”. He is great at debunking the disinfo alternative theories in the Truth Movement but when it comes down to the science and physics of 9/11, he suffers from cognitive dissonance

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