Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz; November 28, 1962) is an American political satirist, writer, television host, actor, media critic and stand-up comedian. He is widely known as host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program that airs on Comedy Central.

Although Jon is/was one of the last true voices on our TV sets, and how he touched upon nearly every political topic you could think of, he would not touch upon the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Here are many links and sources about Jon Stewart and 9/11.


Jon Stewart Trashes 9/11 Truth
Jon Stewarts Executive Producer Arrested for Assaulting 911 Activist

Jon Stewart “casually” Admits to CIA Prior Knowledge of 911 Attacks : Deadline Live With Jack Blood
Jon Stewart confronts Bill O’Reilly on Ron Paul


On the Daily Show Episode titled Rally to Restore Sanity which aired on September 16th, 2010. You can watch it here.


The Court Jester and 9/11 Truth

The Court Jester and 9/11 Truth

“Last week, comedian Jon Stewart of The Daily Show announced his upcoming “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington DC. Using 9/11 truth as an example of the “insanity” that plagues this country, Stewart mocked the cause as right-wing kookiness, the equivalent of believing Obama is a secret muslim.”
“Stewart also promised to have some signs available at the rally, since he understands everyone usually has “shit to do.” He held up a few of them, emblazoned with messages like “9/11 was an outside job” and “I Disagree With You But I’m Pretty Sure You’re Not Hitler.””
Photoshopped Image suggesting “Outside Job” refers to Israel.
First episode of the Daily Show after 9/11

Jon Stewart 9 11


Jon Stewart Urges 9/11 Health Panel to Cover Cancer

“You need to cover cancer under this bill,” Stewart said in the video, “and not just one type of cancer, or five or 10 — all the cancers, A to Z. After all, isn’t covering their chemo bills the least we can do in return for their hard work [and] devotion?”

No matter how far Jon shared his political opinions to his audience or how much he exposed other shit going on (in a comedic way) ……. he would not touch upon the 9/11 Truth Movement. He spent the last 14 years on his show covering up for the criminals that pulled 9/11 off.

Jon knows his limits.

I put Jon Stewart in the same category as Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, etc, etc, etc. Jon Stewart is a Left wing 911 truth Gatekeeper. I still like the guy and it hurt when I added him to this album but it had to be done.

For a long time, I thought Jon was the most honest of all journalists on TV. Until Barrack became President and then I saw the games they play. The left/right false paradigm.

I like Jon Stewart myself. Like I said, it hurt to put him here and he has done a lot of work for the first responders who are sick and dying….. but when it comes to the truth about 9/11…. Sorry but Jon is a left wing gatekeeper and works for the people that did 9/11 and covered it up.

CONCLUSION: Jon Stewart is a 9/11 Gatekeeper and is protecting the perpetrators that did it.

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