Abby Martin is someone I adored for years as a 9/11 Truther. However in 2014, Abby made some comments about the 9/11 Truth Movement that did not go over very well. Before we look at the controversial comments, let’s look at several things Abby did for this movement when she was a very strong supporter of the 9/11 Truth Movement.


9-11 Truth March 10-11-08 Santa Monica Part 3 FIREFIGHTERS


“Was 9/11 an inside job?”
“Absolutely it was.” – Abby Martin
Back when Abby was “young and immature”




“Just because I work here, for RT, doesn’t mean I don’t have editorial independence and I can’t stress enough how strongly I am against any military intervention in sovereign nations’ affairs. What Russia did is wrong.”
Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow for 9/11 Comments | Weapons of Mass Distraction

“and letting 9/11 happen, means letting it happen.”
9/11: The 19 Suspects the Government Wants to Hide | Think Tank (Kevin Ryan)
Government Allowed 9/11 | Interview with (Sibel Edmonds)
Ed Asner Breaks the Set on 9/11 Truth, the Hollywood Left, and Syria Intervention
Dick Cheney: 9/11 Cover Up | Interview
Top 5 Conspiracy Theories That Are True! | Think Tank

(No 9/11)
Abby Martin Alex Jones Capitalizes On Fear, Conspiracy Theories With No Evidence

(No 9/11) Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, Chemtrails?
Hillary Clinton: US Losing Information War to Alternative Media
RT anchor Liz Wahl quits on air over ‘whitewashing’ of Putin’s actions against Crimea


Webster Tarpley on Abby Martin
Abby Martin Uncovers 9/11 | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – Ora TV
Jon Gold On “Breaking The Set” – 1/9/2014

Jon Gold and Abby talking about the redacted “28 pages”
We Were Lied To About 9/11 – Episode 27 – Abby Martin (2015)

23:30 “People are completely batshit insane to run up to people and say the Towers were blown up on 9/11. Holy shit that’s crazy, stop…..because you need to focus on what’s provable” – Abby Martin

Abby Martin and Jon Gold are claiming that AE911 is not credible and the 2300+ Architects and Engineers are “batshit insane”.
What’s with Abby hanging out with 9/11 Gatekeepers?


Greg Palast On 9/11 Controlled Demolition




Abby went on the Daily Banter and stated she didn’t believe “9/11 was an inside job”.

The Daily Banter – Ben Cohen

Abby Martin Responds to The Daily Banter: “I Don’t Think 9/11 Was an Inside Job”

“I stand by the fact that we were lied to about 9/11, which even the commission members themselves agree with. However I don’t believe it was an inside job and it’s embarrassing to see people call themselves journalists using a six year old video to smear me and conflate statements I made at a rally with my risking my job to speak out about Crimea.”
Media Piles on Abby Martin, Our Role in It, and My Apology

“The entire internet is raining fire on Abby Martin right now. Not because she stood up to her employer, RT, but because she was “outed” as a former member of the 9/11 truth movement in her early 20s. For the sake of complete transparency, I have always known this about Abby. And that’s because we are (or maybe now were) friends.”
Well, This Sucks: Abby Martin Is a 9/11 Truther (Chez Pazienza)

“There are some very smart people in the world who think some pretty dumb things and it’s certainly not fair to immediately dismiss every thought or action simply because the person behind it is somehow irredeemably tainted by his or her views about an unrelated subject.”


When Abby was confronted about her new position, her response was:

“Actually, I distanced myself from the phrase “inside job” a long time ago, as well as my comments I made about the Pentagon etc. Over the many years I realized that it’s irresponsible to assert unknowable things considering how we do not have access to physical evidence. The phrase is now used to discredit critical thinkers. However I have never strayed from calling out the official story, and I will continue to do so unabashedly.”

“Yes. I think it’s irresponsible to assert something that is impossible to prove, considering how we do not have access to the evidence. I point out weekly on the show glaring inconsistencies with the official story and remind people to question the event, but I think saying it’s an “inside job” does nothing but hurt the credibility of the truth movement. It’s been a co-opted phrase used to discredit critical thinkers, which is why I have distanced myself from the term over the years.” – Abby Martin

Abby Email 1
My Facebook messages to Abby on her Fanpage:



Being smeared as a “9/11 Truther” in the MSM

“I just wanted to write a note considering the recent hack smear campaign against me for my radical roots in this movement. I stand by my grassroots activism and will never apologize for my past, which has gotten me to where I am today.

Unfortunately, publications like the NYT, Raw Story and Mediate turned the story into the fact that I was a “lunatic” because I dared to question 9/11, the event used to get us into the never ending War on Terror. They embedded an angst ridden video of me at a rally during college making comments that I do not stand by today.

I also gave a statement in response that I do not think the attacks were an “inside job.” The language here is used as a discrediting factor, and it’s irresponsible to assert such an unknowable claim without access to physical evidence. I distanced myself from that language years ago, as well as unknowable claims I made about the Pentagon.

However I maintain the fact we were lied to. And as all of you know, I have never strayed from calling out the many inconsistencies in the official story as well as the cover up, and I will continue to do so on my platform, wherever that may be.

Keep Fighting,




Russia Today Host Abby Martin Goes Spectacularly Off-Message In Ukraine Broadcast (VIDEO)

“Martin herself is a 9/11 Truther, calling the government’s version of the events “propaganda”, and has accused Israel of using “Hitler’s methods”.”
Glenn Greenwald lauds bravery of RT’s Abby Martin, then NY Times outs her as 9/11 Truther

“Then, Tuesday morning, Greenwald seemed to be addressing this squabble when he celebrated RT anchor Abby Martin for her views on Putin’s invasion of Crimea.”
Was a Post on Russia Today’s Abby Martin a ‘Hit Piece’?

“Specifically, she has been active in the “9/11 Truth” movement, which promotes the idea that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States were an inside job by the government.”


Abby Martin “9/11 Truther” Controversy Explodes!! Inside Job or not?;

My Interview with Jeremy Rys discussing the Abby Martin controversy.

Group Threads:


1) Why did Abby say “I do not believe it was an inside job”?

Does she really believe this or just saying it from a Journalist perspective?

What has Abby researched over the last 6 years (since 2008) to make her change her mind?

If it wasn’t an inside job, than who does Abby think it was?

Does she “believe” that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers, Wolfowitz, Perle, Zakheim, Chertoff, etc had nothing to do with the planning of 9/11?

Why does Abby believe that calling “9/11 an inside job discredits the truth because it lacks physcial evidence”?

How can Abby have all these 9/11 Truthers, even whistelblowers like Kevin Ryan and Sibel Edminds on her show yet still claim there is not enough evidence? They both publicy claim 9/11 was an inside job.

Last year when Abby took Maddow to the woodshed she said “and letting 9/11 happen, means letting it happen.”

What did Abby mean by that?
2) From Abby’s statement she says she “stands by my grassroots activism and will never apologize for my past, which has gotten me to where I am today.”

Then says “They embedded an “angst ridden” video of me at a rally during college making comments that I do not stand by today.”

Sure sounds like backtracking and an apology at the expense of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Her grassroots which she claims to stand by.

At this Rally in 2008 Abby was asked if 9/11 was an inside job, Her response was “Absolutely it was.” She even went on to even say “Building 7 was the smoking gun.”

Also in her Statement she claims “I stand by the fact that we were lied to about 9/11.”

What did the Government lie to about regarding 9/11? Besides everything.
3) It has been a week and Abby has yet to make another statement regarding her comments? The Truth Movement would like some clarification from her. To Explain her words.

It looks that Abby is playing the victim here by calling it a smear campaign against her by the MSM. Her statements have also caused the Truth Movement to also turn on her. Did Abby Martin go part Veitch?

Abby wants her cake and eat it too, whereas Charlie threw it in on our faces. Huge difference.

We just want Abby to come out and she is still on our side. Maybe she can say what Matt Mills said at the Superbowl.
4) If Abby makes the move to MSM, what makes her think that she will have any “editorial Independence”?

People also see Abby joining forces with Greenwald and Scahill at First Look Media. Both of whom are 9/11 Truth deniers and do not support an inside job.

What is Abby’s Agenda saying the things she said? What does hope to gain from this? What is her next move? What platform does she want?


1) I believe she knows 9/11 was an inside job, she just doesn’t like the stereotypes and dogma that comes with that catchphrase?

2) Moves to MSM and makes 9/11 Truth trendy.

3) She targets another niche market of potential truthers.

4) Abby has distanced herself from saying “inside job”. We had to go back to 2008 to hear the last time she said. I think there was another time from 2010.

So why are we all attcking her so much? She knows it was an inside job, she doesn’t like that term. So what?


For as long as I have been following Abby Martin, she had always true to the 9/11 Truth Movement. But back in 2014, something happened and Abby turned her back on the movement and started hanging out with 9/11 gatekeepers. There really is no other word to describe it but it looks as though she has pulled a “Charlie Veitch” on all of us.

I hope she find what she is looking for but her 9/11 days are over.

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