ORIGINAL STORY: On Friday February 6th, 2015, Facebook Disabled my Ken Doc/Dockery account.

UPDATE: On Tuesday April 5th, 2016, Facebook reactivated my original account.


On Friday February 6th, 2015, Facebook Disabled my Ken Doc/Dockery account which I have been using since 2009. The reason for the deletion was that I was not using my “Authentic name” and they are demanding me to present my Govt ID or lose my account forever. How and why does Facebook have the right to ask anyone to use their “Authentic” name or ask for ID? Are they an authoritative figure or law enforcement? Am I applying for a bank loan or buying alcohol? The answer is no, Facebook is simply a Social Media Networking site. Nothing more, nothing less. So they say.

I am a real person, my real name is Ken, my last name is no ones business but mine. Do you understand this Facebook? You have no right to invade my privacy and safety. I am not afraid to show my face and to stand for what I believe in but I will not publish my last name so that it is accessible to the world.

Here is more information ABOUT ME
When I signed in to my account on the morning of February 6th, this is the message that awaited me.


So after receiving this pop up message, I sent numerous emails to the appeals@facebook.com email address. Here are a couple of them.

The response I got each time was in a form letter.


Facebook Form Response Letter

So I tried this method of reporting a login issue.

After about 9 emails and submission forms, I finally received a response from a person named “Dirk” at Facebook.

Here are my responses to Dirk

According to Facebook’s own name policy, they ask that we use our Full name but I couldn’t help but notice that Dirk didn’t even give his full name. I guess Facebook values the privacy of only certain people. Talk about double standards.

“Dirk” stopped replying, so I continued to email appeals@facebook.com and this time two others named “Angus” and “Rufus” responded. Here are the screenshots of his emails.

My responses to “Rufus”:

“What names are allowed on Facebook?

Facebook is a community where people use their authentic identities. We require people to provide the name they use in real life; that way, you always know who you’re connecting with. This helps keep our community safe.”

I dare FB to ask for the ID of every single user in their system. If they are so concerned with keeping the “community safe”, shouldn’t this be asked of everyone, not just random people. Demanding that people use our full name opens the doors to cyber attacks and threats. How does this keep us safe? It only makes it’s users more vulnerable to stalkers.
According to their own policy “Safety is Facebook’s top priority.”

“Violence and Threats

Safety is Facebook’s top priority. We remove content and may escalate to law enforcement when we perceive a genuine risk of physical harm, or a direct threat to public safety.”

“Bullying and Harassment

Facebook does not tolerate bullying or harassment. We allow users to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but take action on all reports of abusive behavior directed at private individuals.”
So explain to me how revealing my full identification keeps me safe from the “crazies” out there? We live in a World of Cyber bullying but it’s clear to me that Facebook does not care about it’s users safety and privacy, which goes against their own standards and policies. I have been using Facebook under my pen name Ken Doc for the last 6 years and I have never threatened or harassed anyone. However, I have received many nasty inbox messages from people threatening to “kick my ass” and/or for me to “kill myself”. I simply block these people and carry on. But what would happen if these people knew my name, knew where I lived and where I worked? Would Facebook be there to save me when they come knocking on my door? The answer is no they won’t, so they need to respect my privacy rights.
Here is just one of the MANY several threatening inbox messages I have received over the years. I could show you the others but they are saved on my Ken Doc account, which I can’t access.




Although it may be worthless, I will continue to be persistent and demand that Facebook respect my privacy and reactivate my account. I have nothing to hide but there are too many crazy people out there that I wish to protect myself and my family from. The fact that Facebook refuses to respect my privacy and safety is very hypocritical because it goes against their own policy and standards. Let’s face it, Facebook’s “Real Name” policy change is dangerous to the safety and security of it’s users.

I have put 6 years into my Ken Doc account, never before has Facebook asked for my ID. There are literally MILLIONS of people using alternative accounts on Facebook. So the question is why me and why now?

For the time being, I am using my other account that I created years ago in case this issue ever happened.

Ken Doc II

Facebook is now asking me to post Captchas for the posts on my page and is deeming my website “unsafe”



Facebook relaxes ‘real name’ policy in face of protest

“While Facebook does not require the use of “legal names” on the site, it does demand that users identify with the name that other people know them by.

Schultz’s response was to point out that Facebook no longer requires exclusively government-issued IDs to verify identities. Instead, he said, “people can confirm their name with many forms of non-legal identification, including things like utility bills, a bank statement, a piece of mail, a library card, a school ID card or a magazine subscription label”. The company does not, however, allow people who are known by a different name online and off- to provide evidence supporting their online persona on Facebook.”
Facebook to improve its ‘real name’ policy

“In the letter, originally obtained by BuzzFeed, Schultz said that “we want to reduce the number of people who are asked to verify their name on Facebook, when they are already using the name people know them by … (and) we want to make it easier for people to confirm their name if necessary.”

He noted that Facebook users currently do not have to use their real names, but must use the name that they use in real-life.”
Changes to Facebook’s “Real Names” Policy Still Don’t Fix the Problem

“In response to feedback from activist groups, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Facebook announced Tuesday that it would change some aspects of its real names policy. As it currently stands, the policy requires users to register what Facebook calls their “authentic identity,”—or how friends and family know them—in order to use the social network. The policy also allows users to report other users registered under alias names and gives Facebook the ability to suspend any accounts where the identity of a user is found to be “fraudulent.” This abuse system has been used to silence a broad range of users, from drag queens to Vietnamese pro-democracy activists.”
Facebook Demanding Government ID’s – Disabled My Account
Facebook Asking Some Users To Upload Government Issued IDs
Facebook user locked out of account even with ID
Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’
Facebook changes real name policy, apologizes to LGBT community
Facebook’s “real name” policy isn’t just discriminatory, it’s dangerous
Facebook is blowing it with its ‘real name’ policy

Facebook is blowing it with its ‘real name’ policy

Facebook under fire for suspending Native American users in ‘fake name’ row



Are You Being Stalked?
Pres. Obama MTV – Cyberbullying
Facebook’s Toying With A Radical New Idea: Letting You Be Anonymous

“You can’t currently use a fake name on Facebook. The social network would be within its rights to disable an account with the name “Princess Sparkle,” for example, until the person could prove that they were in fact actually named that.””
Keyboard Warriors: British Army Joins the Twitter Wars
Are You a Victim of CRAP on the Internet?
I’m sure some people may call me paranoid but after looking through this list, you should see where I am coming from. Facebook is not just a “Social Network”, it is also a data mining of everyone’s personal information whether you like it or not. It’s a spying tool for Intelligence angencies such as the NSA. Everything you say can and will be used against you.

Upon hearing this information, I sent another email to Facebook in another attempt to get my original account back.

Email to Facebook:
On Wednesday December 16th, 2015. Facebook shut down my Ken Doc II account and they are giving me 7 days to comply by showing my “papers”. I will not comply so I have created a “Ken Doc III” account. These Facebook pop up messages occurred after I got serious “likes” on this post by The Blaze. Reach out to too many people and the Facebook police don’t like it.


Ken Doc II will be shut down soon. I have already made my Ken Doc III account. Facebook has already disabled the Ken Doc III account I made.

Here is the last Email I sent FB. I sent several others but Facebook refuses to respond now.


On Sunday April 3rd, 2016 Facebook suspended my Ken Doc II account using the same bullshit excuse that I have to use my authentic name. I created another Ken Doc III account for the time being but have since deleted it after Facebook reactivated my other accounts.


UPDATE: On Tuesday April 5th, 2016, Facebook reactivated my original Ken Doc and Ken Doc II accounts. I would like to thank Facebook for this.



Case closed. After a year of battling Facebook, they have finally reactivated my Ken Doc accounts.

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