“Osama Bin Laden (March 10, 1957 – May 2, 2011) was the founder of the militant Islamist organization Al Qaeda, the jihadist organization responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States and numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets. He was a member of the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family, and an ethnic Yemeni Kindite.”

Or so we were told… Let’s look at the evidence.


PRE 9/11

1996–2001: Federal authorities are aware for years before 9/11 that suspected terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden are receiving flight training at schools in the US and abroad. One convicted terrorist confesses that his planned role in a terror attack was to crash a plane into CIA headquarters. [Washington Post, 9/23/01, CBS, 5/30/02, more]

1996–2001: On multiple occasions spies give detailed reports on bin Laden’s location. Each time, the CIA director or White House officials prevent bin Laden’s elimination. [Los Angeles Times, 12/5/04, New York Times, 12/30/01, more]

2000–2001: 15 of the 19 hijackers fail to fill in visa documents properly in Saudi Arabia. Only six are interviewed. All 15 should have been denied entry to the US. [Washington Post, 10/22/02, ABC, 10/23/02] Two top Republican senators say if State Department personnel had merely followed the law, 9/11 would not have happened. [AP, 12/18/02, more]

2000–2001: The military conducts exercises simulating hijacked airliners used as weapons to crash into targets causing mass casualties. One target is the World Trade Center (WTC), another the Pentagon. Yet after 9/11, over and over the White House and security officials say they’re shocked that terrorists hijacked airliners and crashed them into landmark buildings. [USA Today, 4/19/04, Military District of Washington, 11/3/00, New York Times, 10/3/01, more]

Jan 2001: After the Nov 2000 elections, US intelligence agencies are told to “back off” investigating the bin Ladens and Saudi royals. There have always been constraints on investigating Saudi Arabians. [BBC, 11/6/01, more]

May 2001: For the third time, US security chiefs reject Sudan’s offer of thick files on bin Laden and al-Qaeda. A senior CIA source calls it “the worst single intelligence failure in the business.” [Guardian, 9/30/01, more]

July 4-14, 2001: Bin Laden reportedly receives kidney treatment from Canadian-trained Dr. Callaway at the American Hospital in Dubai. Dr. Callaway declines to comment. During his stay, bin Laden is allegedly visited by one or two CIA agents. [Guardian, 11/1/01, Sydney Morning Herald, 10/31/01, Times of London, 11/1/01, UPI, 11/1/01, more]

Aug 6, 2001: President Bush receives an intelligence briefing warning that bin Laden might be planning to hijack commercial airliners. Titled “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US,” the briefing specifically mentions the WTC. Yet Bush later claims it “said nothing about an attack on America.” [Washington Post, 4/12/04, Briefing, 8/6/01, more]

Sept 13-19, 2001: Bin Laden’s family is taken under FBI supervision to a secret assembly point. They leave the country by private plane when airports reopen days after the attacks. [New York Times, 9/30/01, Boston Globe, 9/20/01, more]


“The most important thing is for us to find Osama Bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him” George Bush September 13th, 2001
“I don’t know where he is. I have no idea and I really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority” George Bush, March 13th, 2002.

Bush: Truly not concerned about Osama Bin Laden
NOTES: Remember, this was just SIX MONTHS after 9/11. In response to a reporters question, President Bush tells the world that he is “truly not that concerned” with catching the man who murdered 3,000 Americans just six months and two days earlier because “we’ve marginalized him.”
Bush ‘Not Concerned’ About Bin Laden in ’02

Bush Speech: Little New Ground
The goal has never been to get Bin Laden.” – General Richard Myers, US Joint Chiefs of Staff


Rumsfeld Describes Elaborate Cave System in Afghanistan

“There are not just one of these caves, there are many of those.” – Donald Rumsfeld talking about the the non existent High Tech Caves.



Dick Cheney meant to say Saddam but mistakenly said Osama. Either way, they both had nothing to do with 9/11 anyways.

“We’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.” —Dick Cheney, “Interview of the Vice President by Tony Snow”, March 29, 2006
Interview of the Vice President by Tony Snow (March 29th, 2006)

“THE VICE PRESIDENT: Yes, we don’t know the full scale of it there yet, and I don’t want to make a hard and fast prediction here. But there is reporting, obviously, that we’ve seen over the years that there was some kind of a relationship there between the Iraqis and Osama bin Laden.
Q: I want to be clear because I’ve heard you say this, and I’ve heard the President say it, but I want you to say it for my listeners, which is that the White House has never argued that Saddam was directly involved in September 11th, correct?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: That’s correct. We had one report early on from another intelligence service that suggested that the lead hijacker, Mohamed Atta, had met with Iraqi intelligence officials in Prague, Czechoslovakia. And that reporting waxed and waned where the degree of confidence in it, and so forth, has been pretty well knocked down now at this stage, that that meeting ever took place. So we’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden [sic] was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming. But there — that’s a separate proposition from the question of whether or not there was some kind of a relationship between the Iraqi government, Iraqi intelligence services and the al Qaeda organization.
Q: Okay. A couple of things, I think a couple of minutes ago — I want to make sure — you said Osama bin Laden wasn’t involved in 9/11 planning. You meant Saddam Hussein, correct? That Saddam Hussein was not involved in September 11th?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Correct. Yes, sir.
Q: Okay.
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thanks for straightening that out. I didn’t realize I’d done that. (Laughter.)
Q: Yes. Well, otherwise we’d have a whole lot more stories to deal with.
THE VICE PRESIDENT: Oh, yes. All right. Well, I appreciate it.”


Bin Laden Family Liquidates Holdings With Carlyle Group

“The Saudi family of Osama bin Laden is severing its financial ties with the Carlyle Group, a private investment firm known for its connections to influential Washington political figures, executives who have been briefed on the decision said today.”
The Bush Family, 9/11 and Dictatorship

“On 11 September, while Al-Qaeda’s planes slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the Carlyle Group hosted a conference at a Washington hotel. Among the guests of honour was a valued investor: Shafig bin Laden, brother to Osama. [Guardian]

The morning of the attack George Bush Sr. is meets with members of the Carlyle Group in Washington. Bin Laden’s own brother is at the meeting. [CBC]”
The Carlyle Group, integrated by the Bush and bin Laden families awarded a billion dollar contract to “rebuild” Iraq:

“The financial assets of the Saudi Binladen Corporation (SBC) are also managed by the Carlyle Group. The SBC is headed up by members of Osama bin Laden’s family, who played a principle role in helping George W. Bush win petroleum concessions from Bahrain when he was head of the Texan oil company, Harken Energy Corporation – a deal that was to make the Bush family millions of dollars. Salem, Osama bin Laden’s brother, was represented on Harken’s board of directors by his American agent, James R. Bath.”
Who are The Carlyle Group, and how are they connected to bin Laden? – Truthloader
Carlyle Group – Bush connection to Bin Laden
Saudi Binladin Group
The Carlyle Group
The ex-presidents’ club

“And, until earlier this month, Carlyle provided another curious link to the Afghan crisis: among the firm’s multi-million-dollar investors were members of the family of Osama bin Laden.”


Before 9/11:

Taliban Offered U.S. Osama Bin Laden 7 Months Before 9/11

FEBRUARY 27, 2001
Reporter: “The Taliban in Afghanistan, they have offered that they are ready to hand over Osama bin Laden to Saudi Arabia it the United States would drop it’s sanctions, and they have a kind of deal that they want to make with the United States. Do you have any comments?”
Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer: “Uhhh, let me take that and get back to you on that.”
Taliban ‘offered bin Laden trial before 9/11’
Al-Jazeera: Taliban offered to give up bin Laden before 9/11
Taliban ‘will try Bin Laden if US provides evidence’
How did bin Laden end up back in Afghanistan? (Under this heading)
“Saudi Arabia attempted to pressure the Taliban into turning bin Laden over to them after the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. The Taliban’s refusal to do so led to the recall of the Saudi ambassador and a break in diplomatic relations.”
“Sudan’s minister of defense, Fatih Erwa, has claimed that Sudan offered to hand Bin Ladin over to the United States. The Commission has found no credible evidence that this was so. Ambassador Carney had instructions only to push the Sudanese to expel Bin Ladin. Ambassador Carney had no legal basis to ask for more from the Sudanese since, at the time, there was no indictment out-standing.”
“Shocking Taliban Interview” FOX News Doesn’t want you to SEE – Part 1/3
After 9/11:

Taliban: We Need Proof of Bin Laden’s Guilt
New offer on Bin Laden
Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden if shown 9/11 evidence
Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over
The Last Word on Osama Bin Laden

The Last Word on Osama Bin Laden

Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden if shown 9/11 evidence
SEPTEMBER 17TH,2001 CNN REPORT – Osama Bin Laden says he wasn’t behind attacks:
“DOHA, Qatar (CNN) — Islamic militant leader Osama bin Laden, the man the United States considers the prime suspect in last week’s terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, denied any role Sunday in the actions believed to have killed thousands.”


Was America Attacked by Muslims on 9/11?
The Osama Deception
The official bin Ladin family’s website domain expires

“If the attackers did use this website, the FBI, which is tracking down thousands and thousands of leads, may be interested.

“I am not aware of [the website], and I do not know whether the FBI is aware of it, but I can’t speak for the entire FBI,” said Joe Valiquette, spokesman for the FBI’s New York office. “Generally speaking, we would be interested in something like that.”
Extradited Abu Hamza says remote controlled planes used on 9/11


The passengers were gassed and the planes flown via remote control. The buildings were brought down with explosives and the planes black boxes were damaged and lost. Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with it. Presently Abu Hamza is on 23-hour lockdown at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre, just a few blocks from the site of the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks.

@3:35 “…. what happened on Tuesday morning.” This guy had it figured out within a couple days.
Hate preacher claims pre-planned explosions caused 9/11


We Shall Never Forget 911 Kids Coloring Book – Graphic Coloring Novel


This is a shameless attempt at controlling the minds of Children. Sickening.

“”Rated PG – Parental Guidance Suggested, the publisher has debuted a new rating guide for childrens graphic and coloring novels with this book. To the American people and all others who may read this child’s coloring book, We Shall Never Forget is designed to be a tool that parents can use to help teach children about the facts surrounding 911. This book also describes basic freedoms in America. We suggest parental guidance.” ”
9/11 children’s colouring book angers US Muslims
Colouring books, colouring young minds
APP Pre School color in contest?
9/11 coloring book sparks controversy for demonizing Muslims
Other pics in the book.
Publisher’s statement Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. (RBCB)
St. Louis Publisher Harassed After Releasing 9-11 Coloring Book for Kids

St. Louis Publisher Harassed After Releasing 9-11 Coloring Book for Kids

Wayne Bell Publisher of New 9/11 Coloring Book vs. CAIR [Video & Transcript]
A coloring book in Australia.

‘They huffed and puffed and blew the buildings down’. Aussie book for kids says 9/11 was a conspiracy

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