DISINFO: “The pile was cold”

DISINFO: “The pile was cold”

Judy Wood always makes the claim that the Rubble Pile at Ground Zero was cold and that no heat was used to bring down the Towers. Let me show you how false this is according to eye witness testimony to Molten Steel.

“You think there was excessive heat in the pile, but there wasn’t. The pile was cold” – Judy Wood

“Plus the dust cloud wasn’t hot. People survived the dust cloud rolling over them, you know….. Since we know that people survived the dust cloud, we know that thermite and explosives were not used.” – Judy Wood

“Calculating BTUs that would have been required is not relevant because BTU means British THERMAL Unit when heat had nothing to do with destroying the WTC.” ~ Judy Wood

“You apparently think that the thermite reaction can stay hot for months, because that’s what Steven Jones says caused all those fumes.” – Judy Wood


Here is Judy Wood talking about “Molten metal” 99 days after 9/11. Why would Judy Wood claim the pile was cold then say fire hoses was used to cool the “molten metal” down? Why does she contradict herself and make things up as she goes?

“PATH trains resumed operation November 2003, only two years after 9/11. Water is visible in Figure 6, for example, but there was no flooding from the Hudson River, the water came from fire hoses cooling down molten metal for 99 days [reference] and the water had to go somewhere.”

Obviously Judy Wood has never looked at or read the testimony of 100’s of people that witnessed the “Molten Steel”. If she had, she wouldn’t be making ridiculous claims that the pile was cold.


Molecular Dissociation: from Dust to Dirt
(“Cheetos” and instant rust)
By Judy Wood
This page last updated, July 20, 2007



GZ Hot Spots

Thermal definition: Of, relating to, using, producing, or caused by heat.

If it takes 60W of energy to heat up a tiny carbon thread (Light Bulb), how much energy would it take to heat up 96,000 (short) Tons of steel?

Lets do the South Tower:

BTU = Desired temperature rise * Specific heat * weight / time (hr)
BTU = 2700F * .12 * 192,000,000 lbs/1 hour
BTU = 62.2 billion BTU’s

The HAARP project can supply 1.7 billion Watts in the 2.8 to 10 MHz frequency range. This would in theory be 16 billion Watts short.
“If you consider that this amount of energy, 5.7 ×1014 J , which is only 50% of the energy required to vaporize all the steel from both towers was pumped into the towers during the collapse time, approximately 10 seconds, then the power necessary to vaporize the steel would be 5.7×1013 Watts. This is over 5 times the total power output of the entire earth26 including all carbon combustion, nuclear power, wind power, hydroelectric power, etc. This is with no loss.”


Just a few witnesses that Judy Wood considers to be liars.

9/11: Molten Metal at Ground Zero

History Channel Molten Metal At Ground Zero

9-11 ground zero melted steel – much hotter than jet fuel

WTC rubble heat melts firefighter’s boots
Demolition Gone Bad (These people survived the dust cloud)

Maybe Judy Wood thinks explosives weren’t used in this demolition either. I can assure you they were.
Just to set the record straight, the fires at Ground zero were all extinguished before Christmas 2001.

Ground Zero’s fires still burning

“Almost 12 weeks after the terrorist atrocity at New York’s World Trade Center, there is at least one fire still burning in the rubble – it is the longest-burning structural fire in history.
WTC Fire Extinguished
“The underground fires that have burned at the World Trade Center site, New York for the past three months have finally been extinguished, Gov. George Pataki said Wednesday.” December 20, 2001


The rubble pile was not cold, it was 1000’s of degrees according to firefighters and first responders. Why is Judy Wood lying about this simple fact?

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