Richard Reid

“On 22 December 2001, he boarded American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami, wearing shoes packed with explosives, which he unsuccessfully tried to detonate. Passengers subdued him on the plane, which quickly landed at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, the closest US airport. He was quickly arrested and indicted.”

“The most critical point here is that neither Richard nor his assumed minder had a detonator cap. Thus for the following reasons, there was less than a one-percent chance of the alleged bomb exploding. As already stated, det cord (known to most as “Cordex”), looks like white plastic washing line with a black core. Though a high explosive in its own right, Cordex needs a detonator to initiate an explosion. If you light the end of a piece of Cordex with a match it will start to melt, and eventually drip all over the floor. A welding torch might have more disastrous results, so please do NOT try this at home!”
The Shoe Bomber’s World,8599,203478,00.html
Who is Richard Reid?


Richard Reid, shoe bomber: I failed because that’s what God wanted

“Richard Reid, the would-be terrorist shoe bomber who couldn’t get his fuse lit fast enough, said his plot to take out 197 passengers on an American Airline flight was thwarted by God.

“I admit many people would dispute that and disagree with me on that point,” he said in a letter from prison to a researcher, NBC News reported.

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