The “Fly Over” Theory

Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis, also known as Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) have put forth a “Flyover theory” after interviewing several witnesses at the Pentagon. All of which who claim they saw a plane hit the Pentagon and none of them saw it fly over. CIT also claims the original flight path of Flight 77 is inaccurate as their witnesses all claim it flew NoC (North of Citgo) whereas the official story has it at SoC (South of Citgo).


If you have not watched CIT’s documentary. Here it is in full.

National Security Alert – 911 Pentagon Attack
The PentaCon – Smoking Gun Version

CITs fly over research.
No such thing as “136” or “104” impact witnesses:
There are no witnesses contradicting NoC. No such thing SoC witnesses:


The pentagon “Flyover theory” is given some credence by Lloyde England’s (the taxi driver whose windshield was allegedly struck by a light pole) apparent confession that he was put up to lying about a plane knocking down the light poles by unknown accomplices. Listen to Lloyd England’s confession.

Pentagon Attack Cab Driver Lloyde England’s Virtual Confession

“I’m not supposed to be in it, I’m in it….. This was planned.”
“and when it comes to me, it’s gonna be so big I cant do nothing about it.”
lloyd taxicab driver admits government planning

Why was Lloyd & His Taxi left on Route 27?
Cab Driver confession.
Lloyde’s cab:
Lloyde England’s Wife’s Position with FBI – “She don’t talk about it – I don’t talk about it.”

Llyod’s wife’s name is Shirley Hughes England and she works/worked for the FBI on 9/11. What was her job at the FBI is never discussed by CIT. So let’s find out.

Interview with Lloyd England and Jeff Hill

at the 38:50 mark in this interview Jeff Hill asks Lloyd
JH: “Isn’t your wife an FBI agent?
LE: “No, My wife is a cleaner. She works at the FBI building…she is a cleaner.”

How does Lloyde’s cab not have any damage to the vehicle other than the windshield? Why did he remove the lightpole from his cab in the first place? How does one man (with the help of another unidentified person) move a 40 foot tall 247 lb pole that was stuck in the windshield?


SGT Lagasse and SGT Brooks destroy the official story.

Email response from Sgt Legasse

“I saw the building from the
inside and outside..before during and after the collapse and rest assured
that it was indeed an American airlines 757 that struck the Pentagon that
morning. no photos clearly show the size of the original breech…it was at
least 10-12 feet high and 20-30 feet wide not than size persons who weren’t
there claim. I don’t know what else I can say to convince you. I hope your
search for the truth will end with this e-mail as I have nothing to gain by
lying or distorting facts.” – William Legasse

9/11 Pentagon Reality Check 2: eyewitness EDWARD PAIK

Shinki Paik Describes His Brother Edward’s Location When He Saw the Pentagon Attack Jet

Shinki & Ed Paik- Details Neglected by CIT
CIT witness for the Northern Approach pt.1
Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Harry Gold
Pentagon Attack North Side Witness George Aman
Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Dawn Vignola

The View from Vignolas Contradicts CIT
Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Barry Foust
Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Joel Sucherman, Ch. 9
Pentagon Plane Crash Witness Mark Eastman
9/11 Pentagon Reality Check 4: Pentagon Eyewitness ROBERT TURCIOS
9/11 Pentagon Reality Check 11: eyewitness SEAN BOGER
9/11 Pentagon Reality Check 9: eyewitness DARIUS PRATHER
Here are a few witnesses that CIT did not interview for some reason!

“I saw it! There is just no question at all, that plane went into the pentagon!”

“I mean basically what I’m hearing ‘is it true?’ did a plane hit the pentagon? And I will tell you what I saw, was a jumbo jet it the pentagon! The end!”

“Like these guys are going around saying that no plane hit the pentagon” – “I know! They don’t CARE about the truth!”

“I saw it right in front of me! I saw it hit the building!”

“And then they’re saying that it ‘flew over’ the pentagon! It was like a ‘fly over’ and something else! NO WAY! I told this guy NO WAY! Ya know, to them like, I SEEN THE PLANE HIT!… It didn’t “fly over” the pentagon, it hit the frikin pentagon! I don’t know how else to put it!?”

9/11 Pentagon Witnesses – They Saw the Plane Hit!


The CIT Deception – pt. 1
pt. 2
pt. 3
pt. 4
CIT response to youtube video “The CIT Deception”
A Critical Review of ‘The PentaCon – Smoking Gun Version’
CIT – Craig Ranke’s No Planer Flyover Theory Busted
Citizen Investigation Team: Hijacking of the Truth Movement
Citizen Investigation Team: Hijacking of the Truth Movement
Considering the witnesses CIT used, had all saw a plane strike the Pentagon and none saw a flyover, we should wonder why CIT is pushing this issue. Here’s links that explains it:

The Pentagon: A Joint Statement by David Chandler and Jonathan Cole



Witnesses refute CIT

“The only possible conclusion from these eyewitness testimonies is that CIT has consistently cherry-picked witnesses to present only those who supported a path north of the Citgo service station. Not only that, they have cherry-picked their words in order to avoid presentation of that part of their testimony that supports impact of the plane with the Pentagon.”


Joint Statement on the Pentagon: David Chandler and Jon Cole

“CIT (Citizen Investigation Team)
It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between simply foolish theories and intentionally planted foolish theories. The difference is generally speculative.”
“The following is a response to the “joint statement” about The Pentagon issued by David Chandler and Jonathan Cole around January 1, 2011.”

The Pentagon
A joint statement by David Chandler and Jonathan Cole


Richard Gage had initially endorsed the evidence presented by CIT but later recanted and withdrew his support.

Craig telling Richard Gage that all CIT witnesses saw the plane hit…..
(go to 4:00 mark on video)

Complete Withdrawal of Support by Richard Gage, AIA, for CIT’s “National Security Alert”
Gage concedes his entry into 9/11 Pentagon ‘quagmire’ has been divisive


I think it’s very important that everyone should watch this video and then come to your own conclusion about what happened at the Pentagon.

I had some questions after watching this documentary by CIT and Aldo was kind enough to answer them for me. Here they were:

1) Is it possible that cleanup crew made repairs to the damaged foundation before the picture was taken?

2) Wouldn’t explosives set off inside the Pentagon (as you claim) cause some sort of damage to the foundation?

3) Does Terry Morin claim to know what was in the container with the blue tarp over it? Wasn’t it a tent?

4) Have you found ANY witnesses that have told you that the plane flew over south of Citgo and the Navy Annex?

5) If all these witnesses are telling you that the plane “pulled up” a bit and you are saying that this is impossible…… How would the plane be able to pull up over the Pentagon wall? While descending?

6) Were any of these witness testimonies reported by the 9/11 commission report?

7) Every witness you are asking…. is about the flight path. Did you ask any of these witnesses what the plane looked like? What colour was it? Did it have AA markings?

8) Did any witness see it hit the Pentagon or did they just assume thats what happened?

9) Sean Boger! Did he see the plane impact the building? Or did he duck and cover as it was coming in? It’s amazing that this employee was actually in that Tower still. Wasn’t the pentagon being evacuated at this point?

10) Did any witnesses see the plane do the 270 degree turn before it veered towards the Pentagon?

11) How does Lloyde’s cab not have any damage to the vehicle other than the windshield? Why did he remove the lightpole from his cab in the first place? How does one man (with the help of another unidentified person) move a 40 foot tall 247 lb pole that was stuck in the windshield?

12) In the car when you were taping Llyode. It seems he (Lloyde) was talking about a more southernly approach…. yes/no? Because he was in the car saying it was “here” as you were driving towards the cobblestone.”

13) Why was there a C130 cargo plane in the air at the Pentagon piloted by Lt O’Brien? Why was the pilot in this area for?”

******Aldo Marquis Responses/Answers:

1) No, Ken. We showed the foundation before the clean up and it is the same, except it is wet from the firefighting efforts. The only noticeable damage is from the columns being blown out/uprooted.

2) Well I am no munitions expert and we don’t even know what type or how much explosives they used. My guess is the explosives were enough to knock out/uproot columns to give the impression that a plane went through the first floor. They probably used some type of napalm based incendiary too, to give the impression of jet fuel.

3) That is not a container with a blue tarp. That is a tent being carried TO the Pentagon, not away. It was for rescuse personnel. That is misinformation.

4) There are absolutely none. No one wants to sign their name to that claim. Many simply can’t. Not even Lloyde the cab driver! That is why he tried mindf**k everyone by trying to move himself on the north side flight path completely fighting logic. He was probably prompted by his handler to do that, because as we speak there is a blog and what we believe to be an op online pushing photo fakery and Lloyde’s innocence.

5) We never said the pull-up was impossible. We said the north side impact is impossible. Obviously the plane pulling up only adds to the case and is indicative of a flyover. The plane obviously descended below the hill where the Navy Annex is, banked, leveled off, move it’s wings up and down, and then pulled up as it passed over the highway.

6) No none of them were reported to the 911 Commission. Yes, we asked many of the witnesses what it looked like. Robert Turcios told me he knows what an AA looks like and that it wasn’t one. Others gave us descriptions of white and off white, with varying descriptions as for stripes/markings. Lagasse claims it was AA. Officer Roosevelt Roberts said it was silver. So who knows. Here is a doc on that:

7 & 8) As for what witnesses reported. All of the witnesses gave the interviews under the impression the plane had hit, but as demonstrated a north side flight prove the plane didn’t. We made many aware, as we mentioned Sgt Brooks said our movie was an “eye-opener” and “anything is possible” when it comes to being fooled. Some ran away when the plane approached. Some ducked for cover. Some covered themselves in their car.

As you will soon also learn, many witnesses who say they saw the plane hit, actually deduced it. Let me give you an example…

“I was standing on the platform high above the [Washington Reagan] airport awaiting a Metro subway train […] when I saw the plane hit and the fireball and explosion at the Pentagon.

-Susan Carroll

How did she see the plane actually “hit”, miles away, with the Crystal City highrises in the way? Here is the POV from Reagan National:

9) No we believe he had to have ducked before the plane reached the building. After all he saw it coming right at him, as he describes it. Either way the alleged impact was right next to him, I am hard pressed to believe anyone would stand there and watch it being so close. Even the firefighters below him were scrambling for cover. Regardless of that, he too placed on the north side in a bank, so he clearly couldn’t have seen it impact.

Yes, it is strange they didn’t evacuate anyone, even though the gov’t buildings in dc were being evacuated.

10) Yes some witnesses saw portions of the turn, but another smoking gun is that we discovered that the plane started this turn OVER DC! That conflicts with the NTSB alleged black box data!

11) He doesn’t have scratches on his hood, because the plane did not hit the light pole as the northside evidence proves. His claim that he wanted to remove the pole was because he wanted to move his car which conveniently did not start. Lloyde is not telling the truth. Here is more on how they could stage his pole:

12) That was the north path or north of the bridge, he was actually south of the bridge as photos and VIDEO prove. Right now there is another op, trying to not only assert the plane was NoC and hit (which it can’t-they are protecting the flyover) but the photos were faked in essence he is trying to protect Lloyde. What’s interesting is this same anonymous op blends in with us by agreeing the plane was north of the Citgo and the poles were staged, however he/she/they diverge from us and try to protect Lloyde trying to back up his absurd story that he is not south of the bridge in the video and photos. However, they refuse to take the evidence we obtained that shows the light poles were staged and his disinfo theory of photo fakery and go out there and do something about it with their real name and face, giving us credit for the north side find. Instead they try and divide, protect Lloyde and contain the flyover. Think about it. We even have a quote where he slips out of character and says something to the effect of “imagine if you approached some average person on the street with this info(CIT’s evidence), they would laugh at you”. This coming from the anonymous individual chasing us all over the net trying to say all photos and video of Lloyde England’s cab position were faked, even going so far to now dedicate a blog to it preying on people’s lack of knowledge of photo “foreshortening”. Think about that for a minute.

Lloyde England smiled when admitting it was planned. The man said that eventually it would come to him and it is too big to do anything about! The north side flight path proves Lloyde is lying and an accomplice. What more do you need????

13) O’brien and his crew were on their way back from the Caribbean doing a supply drop I believe, then they stopped at Andrews AFB, and were then on their way back to home base in MN. We believe not only were they timed to interact with the flyover plane, but that they were purposefully kept in the dark. Would you believe they took off at 9:30, a half hour after we had been under attack and they had no idea were under attack until AFTER the Pentagon plane allegedly hit the Pentagon.

Closing comments by Aldo:

“Well again, Ken. We went over this before. Those witnesses did not see a theory. I am sorry. This IS proof the plane did not hit the light poles or the Pentagon. I agree that the authorities need to take it from here.

Using your mindset, then the towers being destroyed by CD is just a “theory” and 9/11 being an inside job is just a “theory”. With that kind of thinking, the authorities are going to laugh at you when you approach them with your theory.

Maybe you need the gov’t to give you the approval on what is proof. I don’t.

Hope that helps.”

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