There are over 180 witnesses that claim to have seen a plane impact the pentagon. Here are several detailed lists.


“French researcher Eric Bart posted on his website an extensive compilation of eyewitness accounts of the September 11th attack. The compilation, perhaps the most complete anywhere, is mirrored here. Eric’s compilation is in two parts:”
What EyeWitnesses Do We Have of the Pentagon Explosion/Fire?
Eyewitness Reports of American Airlines Flight 77
Clipping Objects On Way to Crash
Explicit eyewitness accounts (with rebuttals)
9/11 Pentagon Eyewitness Accounts
9/11 and the Pentagon Attack: What Witnesses Described
Eyewitnesses: Flight 77 Crash
9/11 Pentagon Witnesses – They Saw the Plane Hit!
9/11 Documents and Resources
9/11 Documents and Resources
40 Pentagon Witnesses in 30 Minutes ver. 3

“Over 180 people witnessed a plane approach and strike the Pentagon on 9/11/01. Many were caught in slow moving traffic on several freeways which surround the Pentagon. While each witness saw, heard, and/or felt different aspects of the event, common themes run through their testimony which, taken together, give strong evidence that a large plane impacted the Pentagon building that morning.”


Norman Mineta


“During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out….and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president “do the orders still stand?” And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!?” ~ Norman Mineta Testimony to the 9/11 Commission.

Norman Mineta testimony (stand-down order for AA77)

“The flight you are referring to is the…..” – Lee Hamilton
“The flight that came into the Pentagon.” – Norman Mineta

This statement alone is evidence that Dick Cheney was in control of NORAD and the USAF on 9/11 and that he gave the orders to “stand down” for “Flight 77”.


Live CNN Report of Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon

jamie mcin

“You know, it might have appeared that way, but from my close-up inspection, there’s no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon. The only site is the actual site of the building that’s crashed in, and as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you can pick up in your hand. There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere around, which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon and then caused the side to collapse.” Jamie McIntyre (CNN)

PENTAGON: Jamie McIntyre Contradiction (CNN News)


Lt. Robert Medairos didn’t see any pieces, ABC, 15:25, 9/13


“My first thought was I couldn’t believe what happened and they said it was a plane and I didn’t see any pieces of any plane and I couldn’t believe that a plane hit the building.”
Lt. Robert Medairos. “First Incident Commander at the Scene” @1:40
Police Lieutenant Didn’t See Any Airplane Parts At The Pentagon


Bomb Goes Off At Pentagon During Porter Goss Q&A


Porter Goss on 9/11: YES we HAVE considered a plane attack

What is that sound we are hearing? A Missile, A 757? I’m not sure of either.

Cruise Missile Journey to Impact

There are NO similarities to a cruise missile in my opinion. None.

How about we compare it to a 757 fly by? Possibly.


april gallop

April Gallop

April Gallop, Administrative Specialist, U.S. Army – Pentagon survivor. April suffered major injuries in the attack on the Pentagon, resulting in partial disability and medical discharge from the Army.

April Gallop was at the Pentagon with her 2 months old baby, when the 9/11 explosion at the pentagon blew her off her feet. April walked out of the crater hole in the Pentagon injured, but alive. Come and hear April’s first hand testimony of what She saw on 9/11. The testimony that the 9/11 commission and the major/dominant news media have shamelessly kept from you and the American People!

April Gallop


“Q: Can you give us any sense of the area that was destroyed, how wide it is? How many feet? And did it break through to all five rings of the Pentagon?

Plaugher: It did not break through to all five rings, and I do not know the measurements.

Q: Is there anything left of the aircraft at all?

Plaugher: First all, the question about the aircraft, there are some small pieces of aircraft visible from the interior during this fire-fighting operation I’m talking about, but not large sections. In other words, there’s no fuselage sections and that sort of thing.”
“The remains of most of the passengers on the aircraft were found near the end of the travel of the aircraft debris. The front landing gear (a relatively solid and heavy object) and the flight data recorder (which had been located near the rear of the aircraft) were also found nearly 300 ft into the structure. By contrast, the remains of a few individuals (the hijacking suspects), who most likely were near the front of the aircraft, were found relatively close to the aircraft’s point of impact with the building. These data suggest that the front of the aircraft disintegrated essentially upon impact but, in the process, opened up a hole allowing the trailing portions of the fuselage to pass into the building.”

“Investigators have identified remains of 184 people who were aboard American Airlines Flight 77 or inside the Pentagon, including those of the five hijackers, but they say it is impossible to match what is left with the five missing people. A team of more than 100 workers at a military morgue at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware used several methods to identify remains but primarily relied on DNA testing and dental records. THEY FORMALLY ENDED THEIR EFFORT FRIDAY AFTER CONCLUDING THAT SOME REMAINS WERE TOO BADLY BURNED TO IDENTIFY.”
– ASCE Pentagon Building Performance Report

9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press
By David Ray Griffin
John McWethy, pentagon, witness, lightpole, ABC, 12:16, 9/11
9/11 Pentagon Eyewitness Videographer – Bob Pugh Describes Shooting Footage
“I don’t see any wreckage, I don’t see anything I reconize. I can’t see the tail, I cant see the engines, theres no chairs, theres no luggage…”
9/11 Pentagon Witness – Steven Gerard
“looked to be a 20 passenger corporate jet, no markings on the side… I was across 395 from the Pentagon in an office tower (5th floor).”
9/11 Pentagon Witness – Mark Pettit
“I was sitting in traffic on Route 110 on my way to work, it was an American Airlines plane that came in and hit the pentagon…… actually came up 395 went over horizon and came back over a bridge where I was sitting.”
New Documentary-The Pentagon Witnesses 1 of 9
9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You
CNN reporter Pentagon on 911 LIES about what he saw Media lies Terrorism
Blast expert Allyn E. Kilsheimer was the first structural engineer to arrive at the Pentagon after the crash and helped coordinate the emergency response. “It was absolutely a plane, and I’ll tell you why,” says Kilsheimer, CEO of KCE Structural Engineers PC, Washington, D.C. “I saw the marks of the plane wing on the face of the building. I picked up parts of the plane with the airline markings on them. I held in my hand the tail section of the plane, and I found the black box.” Kilsheimer’s eyewitness account is backed up by photos of plane wreckage inside and outside the building. Kilsheimer adds: “I held parts of uniforms from crew members in my hands, including body parts. Okay?”


Chris Plant, helicopter, Pentagon, CNN, 9/11, 09:48

I was told by one witness, an Air Force enlisted – senior enlisted man, that he was outside when it occurred. He said that he saw a helicopter circle the building. He said it appeared to be a U.S. military helicopter, and that it disappeared behind the building where the helicopter landing zone is – excuse me – and he then saw fireball go into the sky.

…but initial reports from witnesses indicate that there was in fact a helicopter circling the building, contrary to what the AP reported, according to the witnesses I’ve spoken to anyway, and that this helicopter disappeared behind the building, and that there was then an explosion. That’s about all I have from here.”


In this section, we collect the eyewitnesses who reported on a C-130 aircraft which was seen following the 757 near the Pentagon on 9/11/2001.

Steven O’Brien is a lieutenant colonel in the Minnesota Air National Guard’s 133rd Airlift Wing.’Brien

Eyewitnesses who saw a C-130

C-130 Pilot Tells his story on Flight 77 – Pentagon


C-130 crew saw Pentagon strike, official confirms
Q) Why was there a C130 cargo plane in the air at the Pentagon piloted by Lt O’Brien? Why was the pilot in this area for?”

A) O’brien and his crew were on their way back from the Caribbean doing a supply drop I believe, then they stopped at Andrews AFB, and were then on their way back to home base in MN. We believe not only were they timed to interact with the flyover plane, but that they were purposefully kept in the dark. Would you believe they took off at 9:30, a half hour after we had been under attack and they had no idea were under attack until AFTER the Pentagon plane allegedly hit the Pentagon.
Is this the C130 Radio transmission?



Mike Walter (USA Today)

Mike Walter Accidentally Reveals the Truth


Reporter describes ‘cruise missile’ hitting the Pentagon.

“I saw this plane, a Jet, American Airlines Jet coming and I thought this doesn’t add up. It’s really low and I saw it. I mean it was like a cruise missile with wings, went right there and slammed into the Pentagon. Huge explosion, great ball of fire.”

“What I saw was the plane going in, and the wings folding back like this (shows with hands). You see, when the plane hit, the wings weren’t strong enough, and the wings folded back into the plane…” – Mike Walter

Pentagon 9/11 Eyewitness Mike Walter Exposed
What made the hole in the Pentagon.avi

All of these explanations I believe are wrong.
9/11 Pentagon Attack Eyewitness Mike Walter
Mike Walter, Pentagon, CBS, 9/11, 10:47

“I looked up and I saw it banking, and clearly you could see the AA on the side; I knew it was an American Airlines jet. And it went into a steep decline and accelerated. Boom, right into the Pentagon, the side of the Pentagon. And the wings on the jet just folded back, and it just kind of crumpled, it came together like an accordion, and just pierced the wall of the Pentagon, and there was this huge boom.”

“What happened is pretty obvious. The force of this jet hitting the Pentagon at about 500 miles per hour, when something hits a concrete structure like that, you know, this belief that the wings would go in is ridiculous. So that’s why you say, well the hole isn’t big enough, well that’s why. The wings were not strong enough to withstand the impact, they folded back, and that’s why the jet went in, and that’s why the hole that you see isn’t as large as you might imagine in another structure.”

“I will never forget that day, trapped in traffic and then I rolled down the window and heard the sound of the jet overhead. I wasn’t surprised. I worked in the USA today building in Roslyn nearby and we were used to seeing a lot of choppers coming to the helipad at the Pentagon and a lot of commercial jets heading to Reagan which is nearby. But for some reason I looked up and saw the underbelly of the jet as it gracefully banked, then I watched in shock as the jet basically lined up the Pentagon in its sights and began to scream towards the mammoth structure. I watched as it continued to dip from the sky, diving towards the Pentagon. There are some trees that are adjacent to 27 the road I was stuck on, so the jet went out of sight momentarily. Then I picked it up as it struck very low into the Pentagon. The wings folded back and it was like watching someone slam an empty aluminum can into a wall. The jet folded up like an accordion. There was a huge fireball.”

“…it turned and came around in front of the vehicle and it clipped one of these light poles … and slammed right into the Pentagon right there.” “Now there are some people who say that it skipped and went into the Pentagon and it may have gone that way, but that’s not what I saw. What I saw was the jet went very low into the Pentagon and it went straight.” “It seemed like it was a slow, graceful bank and then once it straightened out, that’s when it sped up.” “…you could see chunks of the wreckage on the ground, pieces of the plane…. It literally disintegrated on impact. It hit, and as it went into the side of the building it sheared off the wings.”
Why did some media people lie about what they saw on 9/11?
Just to add…. I do not trust this guy for one second.

Mike Walter, President and CEO (Walter Media)


Who is Rick Renzi? What a piece of scum….. but he does totally destroy the Official Story. Lol

Rick Renzi on 9/11 & 1 month later “dive bombing”

“Corrupt congressman Rick Renzi was interviewed on the scene on the day of 9/11 and also for this propaganda piece a month later. Soon afterwards he would be elected as a republican congressman for Arizona and reelected twice only to be indicted for conspiracy and extortion on February 22nd 2008. He is clearly lying about being a witness to the Pentagon attack as his “dive bombing” description is irreconcilable with the physical damage , FDR, and security video.”


– Penny Elgas stopped as she saw a passenger jet descend, clip a light pole near her, and then crash into the Pentagon.

Here is her quote from Hill’s interview:
JEFF HILL: And you said you saw it… you saw it hit one of the light poles?

PENNY ELGAS: No, I didn’t see it hit. I heard on the news that it hit a light pole.

As posted earlier we go over ALL the alleged light pole witnesses in detail including Penny Elgas here:
– Deb Anlauf
Anlauf was watching TV coverage of the Trade Center burning shortly before 9:30 a.m. when she decided to return to her 14th-floor room from another part of the hotel. Once in her room, she heard a “loud roar” and looked out the window to see what was going on.
“Suddenly I saw this plane right outside my window,” Anlauf said during a telephone interview from her hotel room this morning. “You felt like you could touch it; it was that close. It was just incredible. “Then it shot straight across from where we are and flew right into the Pentagon. It was just this huge fireball that crashed into the wall (of the Pentagon). When it hit, the whole hotel shook.”
-James R. Cissell
”Out of my peripheral vision,” Cissell said, ”I saw this plane coming in and it was low – and getting lower.”
”I thought, ‘This isn’t really happening. That is a big plane.’ Then I saw the faces of some of the passengers on board,” Cissell said.
He remembers the helipad the plane flew over before smacking into the Pentagon was close enough to him that ”I could have thrown a baseball at it and hit it.”

In fact James Cissell came out and said that his account was misreported by the media and that he never said that he could see faces of people in the windows.

“The Cincinnati Post article, which you refer, angered me greatly after reading it. It is almost completely fiction based loosely on an interview I did with a Cincinnati Post reporter Kimball Perry who called me in response to an on air phone report that I did for Channel 12 in Cincinnati.”

“The reporter took extreme creative license not only with the title but also with the story as a whole. Why he felt the need to sensationalize anything that happened on September 11 is beyond me. My words to the reporter were, “I was about four cars back from where the plane crossed over the highway. That it happened so quickly I didn’t even see what airline it was from. However, I was so close to the plane when it went past that had it been sitting on a runway, I could have seen the faces of passengers peering out.”
– Afework Hagos, a computer programmer, was on his way to work but stuck in a traffic jam near the Pentagon when the plane flew over. “There was a huge screaming noise and I got out of the car as the plane came over. Everybody was running away in different directions. It was tilting its wings up and down like it was trying to balance. It hit some lampposts on the way in.”
-Terrance Kean, 35, who lives in a 14-story building nearby, heard the loud jet engines and glanced out his window.
“I saw this very, very large passenger jet,” said the architect, who had been packing for a move. “It just plowed right into the side of the Pentagon. The nose penetrated into the portico. And then it sort of disappeared, and there was fire and smoke everywhere. . . . It was very sort of surreal.”
“It was a Boeing 757, American Airlines, no question.”
“I saw it hit right in front of — it didn’t appear to crash into the building; most of the energy was dissipated in hitting the ground, but I saw the nose break up, I saw the wings fly forward, and then the conflagration engulfed everything in flames. …like I said, it was right before impact, and I saw the airplane just disintegrate and blow up into a huge ball of flames….. And the building shook, and it was quite a tremendous explosion.” ~ Tim Timmerman (Pilot)
“At 9:35 a.m., I pulled alongside the Pentagon. With traffic at a standstill, my eyes wandered around the road, looking for the cause of the traffic jam. Then I looked up to my left and saw an American Airlines jet flying right at me. The jet roared over my head, clearing my car by about 25 feet. The tail of the plane clipped the overhanging exit sign above me as it headed straight at the Pentagon.

The windows were dark on American Airlines Flight 77 as it streaked toward its target, only 50 yards away.

The hijacked jet slammed into the Pentagon at a ferocious speed. But the Pentagon’s wall held up like a champ. It barely budged as the nose of the plane curled upwards and crumpled before exploding into a massive fireball.” ~ Vin Narayanan



Barabara Honegger is one of the leading experts on the Pentagon case. I may not agree with everything she says but in this 3 hour documentary she uncovers every aspect about what happened at the Pentagon.

9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger

Pentagon Attack Papers (Barb Honegger)
Barbara Honegger: The Pentagon Attack Papers
My review of Behind the Smoke Curtain:

The first 30 minutes of the presentation is about PNAC and Barb does a great job at explaining this.

Barbara Honegger claims a White Global Hawk with AA markings exploded near the heliport seconds after a helicopter took off at 9:32. This allegedly happened 5 minutes before Flight 77 hit the wall according to the official story. Why do we not see a helicopter on the helipad in any of the CCTV footage? If something exploded 5 minutes before “Flight 77” hit, then it should clearly be seen in the CCTV camera….. but it’s not.

Barb also uses a photo-shopped image of a Global Hawk and how it is made of brownish fiberglass. Then she briefly shows the silverish large piece of debris in the middle of the lawn with AA markings.

Barb says “as there is no evidence of a plane destruction other than the white plane that exploded near the heliport at 9:32”. She claims the White Plane, if it was the White plane that the 13 witnesses that CIT cites, then it could NOT have flown over because the White plane exploded. She then says it could have been another plane or the White plane flew around twice. Which no witnesses claim.

Barb claims that there were reports of “multiple explosions” at the Pentagon. This is true but she speculates that it was from a second plane impact.

Barb then goes into claims about “impossible speeds”. Which has been refuted many times before.

Barb doesn’t say what happened to the light poles. She just claims that if a wing hit a light pole, than it would have penetrated the wings causing a huge explosions from the jet fuel stored in the wings. The examples she gives are a few birds hitting a plane and a much smaller plane hitting a lightpole. Apples and Oranges.

Barb also makes the claim that there were THREE punch out holes. Well, to be blunt. There was only ONE punch out hole and the other two holes were DOORS used for rescue and cleanup operations. As seen clearly in this photo.

Barb claims that there is no Seismic data for the official time of 9:37:46 but doesn’t say if there was any seismic data for the alleged time of 9:32.

To be continued at the “5 Frames” @1:16:00.


Going Beyond Speculation – David Chandler

Here is a 45 minute presentation made by David Chandler that looks at much of the evidence that a large Boeing did indeed hit the Pentagon. David Chandler is not speaking to the World in this presentation, he’s speaking specifically to the 9/11 truth Movement.

Instead of speculating about alternative theories about what happened at the Pentagon, there are questions that need to be answered first. I ask you watch this entire presentation before leaving a single comment about “Missiles”, “Fly Overs” or “Explosions” and start looking at the available evidence. Something that none of the Alternative theories can explain.

Two dozen questions about Flight 77 and the Pentagon that might lead to justice
Two dozen questions about Flight 77 and the Pentagon that might lead to justice
The Pentagon: A joint statement by David Chandler and Jonathan Cole

The Pentagon: A Joint Statement by David Chandler and Jonathan Cole

Independent Video Interviews Attesting to Plane Impact at the Pentagon on 9/11
Frank Legge

Witnesses refute CIT

Volunteer Firefighter Eric M. Jones, Marine Maj. Dan Pantaleo, Army Staff Sgt. Chris Braman, and Ms. Sheila Moody

Lets see what Journal of 911 Studies says:
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: “9/11 Pentagon” (FULL LENGTH)

“9/11 Pentagon”

“The idea that a missile or explosives — not a hijacked jetliner — damaged the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 seems the most unlikely of 9/11 theories. That is, until you look at all the factors, which include eyewitness testimony, crime scene video, expert analysis and the question why, with 85 cameras trained on the building, have only five frames of crash footage have ever been released? Jesse Ventura leads a serious investigation into a tangled web of clues that some say are too scared to even touch.”


Here are TWO conflicting scenarios:

We have this:

Flight Data Expert Confirmation: No Evidence Linking FDR Data to American 77


we have this:

Flight AA77 on 9/11: New FDR Analysis Supports the Official Flight Path Leading to Impact with the Pentagon.



These threads were removed after fb deleted my account.


Let the debate begin……”


I got nothing……”
POLL: I don’t want a huge debate about this but I’d like to know what this group thinks happened at the Pentagon on 9/11? Choose one…..

A) Flight 77 flew into the wall.
B) Another plane flew into the wall.
C) It was struck by a missile.
D) A plane flew over as a bomb was detonated inside the building.
E) Other: _________________________.

Lets not forget that we are ALL entitled to our own opinions.

(75% OF THE 9/11 Truth Movement believe it was a missile that hit the Pentagon)

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