Did the Pentagon have an anti-air defense system in place prior to 9/11?

Pentagon Deploys Anti-aircraft Missiles Around Washington

“As part of a nation-wide effort to step up security before the one-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Pentagon on Tuesday deployed anti-aircraft missiles around Washington D.C”

“Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered the move after upgrading a four-day air defense exercise beginning Tuesday to an active “Noble Eagle” deployment to protect the capital against potential attack from the air.

Surface-to-air missile launchers were deployed around Washington on Monday as part of the exercise, in which officials said no functional missiles had been originally planned. A mobile missile launcher was parked several hundred meters from the Pentagon on Tuesday. ”
Homeland defense needs now ‘grim reality’

“Spokesman Rear Adm. Craig Quigley said the Pentagon has no anti-aircraft defense system that he is aware of. The White House is assumed to have surface-to-air missiles available for protection. The problem, according to past and present government officials, is who makes a decision to fire a missile at an incoming airplane in the midst of downtown Washington.”

“Ironically, members of a House defense appropriations subcommittee were about to meet to discuss moving $800 million from the administration’s budget request for missile defense into counter-terrorism efforts on Tuesday, when the attacks began. The meeting was cancelled.”

“Remember Star Wars? Do you remember the Pentagon’s Strategic Defense Initiative to build a massive missile defense system that raised so much controversy during the Reagan and first Bush years?

130 billion of our tax dollars were poured into developing that system. It was designed to detect and intercept missiles fired from an unknown destination traveling at well over 10 times the speed of a commercial airliner, and to shoot them down in 15 minutes or less, before they reached their US targets.”

“If these sophisticated military systems were designed to detect missiles fired from unknown locations at over 13,000 mph and shoot them down in mere minutes, why on 9/11 could they not detect any one of the four large airliners traveling at a mere 600 mph, especially when two of them were known to be lost for over 40 minutes before they crashed?”
“Reagan National only has United States immigration and customs facilities for corporate jet traffic; the only international flights allowed to land at DCA are those from airports with U.S. Customs and Border Protection preclearance facilities. Other international passenger flights must use Dulles or Baltimore/Washington International Airport.”

“Prior to the September 11 attacks in 2001, the notable security measure was the southbound approach into the airport. Most of central Washington D.C. is prohibited airspace up to 18,000 feet (5,500 m). Due to this restriction, pilots approaching from the north follow the path of the Potomac River and turn just before landing.”

POST 9/11

Interview with April Gallop in 2006.

“Me: Do you have any theory about how a Boeing 757 could have hit such a secure building without any anti-aircraft defenses being activated or any warning alarms sounded?

AG: I have thought about this very question numerous times. And then I realized I needed to rephrase the question. The real question is what is the probability or likelihood that no anti-aircraft defense, warning alarms or additional security mechanism functioned on that particular day?

And then we need to think how likely is it then there was a glitch in all the security mechanisms, anti-aircraft defense and warning alarms?”
Pentagon arms missile batteries around D.C. (2002)

“For the first time since the Cuban missile crisis almost 40 years ago, armed missile launchers will be protecting the nation’s capital by day’s end Tuesday — a precaution that comes amid a heightened alert status on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks.”

“The Pentagon says for “security and deterrent” reason it will not discuss the exact location of the air defense sites, but one Army Avenger missile system can be seen outside the Pentagon.”
Plane That Caused Capitol Evacuation Nearly Shot Down (2004)

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement helicopters and Cessna jets patrol the zone unarmed, while air defense artillery on the ground and fighter jets on alert or on irregular air patrols are poised to intercept an intruder.”

“A senior federal security official said the process involved in firing ground-based air defenses operated by the Army or Army National Guard is more complex and needs refinement. Some military officials initially questioned the value of installing short-range missile systems, saying the range and reaction time made their use unlikely.”


Pentagon Missile Batteries
There Are No Missile Defenses at the Pentagon


Title: Pentagon Missle Defense On 9/11?
Pentagon Anti-aircraft-missiles …source?
Michael W. Lurie
“The simplest proof (and for many, the first indication that 9/11 was an inside job) was that the Pentagon was hit at all.”
Did the Pentagon have air defenses on 9/11?
Raytheon – Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) & SeaRAM Anti-Ship Missile Defense System [480p]

CONCLUSION: It appears that the Pentagon did not have a surface to air anti air defense system in play at the Pentagon on 9/11.

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