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9/11, False Flags, and Black Ops C-SPAN Video Library

C-SPAN 9/11 Conspiracy Debate: Webster Tarpley Versus Jonathan Kay

U.S. History – Debate on “9/11, False Flags, and Black Ops” with Jonathan Kay and Webster Tarpley.
The Truth is Out There
“Richard Gage, Paul Zarembka and Jonathan Kay join Steve Paikin on TVO’s The Agenda to discuss Jonathan’s newest book, “Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground””
Jeremy Rys and Niels Harrit took on Jonathan Kay in a Skype Debate in case you missed it.
This is Part 1 ot a 2 part debate…. but part 2 was never released.
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The Protocols of Jonathan Kay

The Protocols of Jonathan Kay


This article should tell us all we need to know about Jonathan Kay.

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By Jonathan Kay

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The Agenda With Steve Paikin – 9/11 Truthers Versus Skeptic Jonathan Kay
DEBATE: Jonathan Kay, David Frum and Webster Tarpley

C-SPAN 9/11 Conspiracy Debate: Webster Tarpley Versus Jonathan Kay

Debate on “9/11, False Flags, and Black Ops” with Jonathan Kay and Webster Tarpley

Debate on “9/11, False Flags, and Black Ops” with Jonathan Kay and Webster Tarpley

9/11, False Flag, and Black Ops. An evening of debate

What Kay and Frum did is called a Red Herring. A fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue. They tried to lump all 9/11 truthers into the conspiracy theorist label in order to discredit the person by association.
@10:30, @14:00, @56:00, @57:00, @1:12:00. Listen for yourself.
David Frum (Moderator of this debate) was the White House Speechwriter during the Bush administration. Go figure.

“David J. Frum (pronounced /ˈfrʌm/; born June 30, 1960) is a Canadian American journalist active in both the United States and Canadian political arenas. A former economic speechwriter for President George W. Bush, he is also the author of the first “insider” book about the Bush presidency. His editorial columns have appeared in a variety of Canadian and American magazines and newspapers, including the National Post and The Week.[2] He is a featured writer for The Daily Beast and Newsweek, which he joined after a brief stint as the founder of (formerly, a political group blog,[3] and serves on the board of directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition.”


Conservative Presstitutes Try To Link 9/11 Truthers To All Conspiracy Theories

What I really want to stress is how Kay uses the line “FREE INDEPENDENT MEDIA” on several occasions through out this debate……. well, the 6 monolithic corporation that control over 90% of everything we see, hear, and read on MSM is NOT independent. They are corporate controlled and serve to protect corporate interests. They don;t serve the people.

Kay even admits to it by saying, “look at the payroll to see how many journalists (national post) have left to do freelance work. Why did they leave? Because Kay says they were fired.

Jonathan Kay Quotes in this debate:

@7:00 “Conspiracy theorists supply demons….. why do bad things happen, whether it’s terrorism, financial crisis, war.”

“Why do people’s businesses go bankrupt…… it’s the freemasons, iluminatti, Zionists, Muslims, Bilderbergers, or the NWO.”

@ 8:20 “The World of a conspiracy theorist can be a very dark place, full of evil plots, planes flying into buildings and smoked fill rooms.”

“If evil has a name and evil has an address, then we can fight this evil.”

@1:01:00 The questionaire asks Kay “Putting a face to the demon. isn;t that exactly what the official version is doing?”

@ 10:30 “When did you start believing all of this, when did you start believing 9/11 was an inside job, or when did you start to think Obama’s presidency was illegitimate?”

What Kay did right here is called a Red Herring. A fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order to divert attention from the original issue. He does this numerous times through the debate.

Kay and Frum want to lump all 9/11 truthers into the conspiracy theorist label.

‎@ 10:50 “When did you lose your faith in the narrative being told to you by the media and the Government”

@ 11:18 ” When they heard that there were no WMD’s in Iraq. They lied to me about that, so what else is the Government lying to me about.”

Hey Jonathan Kay, I lost faith in the official narrative when I started to research 9/11 on my own. The media never told me about Building 7, they never showed me a 757 crashing into the Penatgon, they failed to report the witnesses to explosions and Molten Steel, they failed to mention that Cheney was in command of the USAF running many war game drills that very same day……… the list goes on and on.

Atleast you can admit that Iraq had no WMD’s.

‎@ 14:00 “Are there real conspiracies? of course there are real conspiracies. They tend to be small and grubbyand tend to be about money and sex.” Then he brings up the Sponsorship scandal and Watergate.

Well Jonathan, how about all other conspiracies that have turned out to be true. Such events like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that never happened. How about Operation Northwoods, MKULTRA, Agent Orange, 1990 Testimony of Nayirah, Manhattan Project, Iran Contra, etc….

What about the OKC Bombing, the 1993 attack on the WTC, JFK, and let’s not forget the NWO!

How about the Lavon Affair, King David Hotel Bombing, USS Liberty, 7/7?

You have not done your research Jonathan. You are a tool!

@14:50 “9/11 was beyond the power of incompetent govt officials, even if they wanted to pull it off, which is dubious because they simply lack the ability to do these types of things in secret.” Followed by crowd laughter!

Well Mr Kay. The “conspiracy theories” I listed above prove otherwise. Besides, do you condone incompetence?

Kay states that the Government can not keep a secret. I believe he is correct because right now, 9/11 was no secret. The perpetrators have all been caught lying under oath or not testifying at all and they have all failed to answer the tough questions.

Kay does not mention the many Govt whistleblowers that are speaking out against the official narrative. I wonder why? Maybe because they can;t keep a secret.

@ 15:00 “Closed societies, where the govt truly controls all the levers of power. There is no independent political system, no independent media….. that is very difficult to do in Western open societies because we have independent media” Crowd laughs out and Kay even smirks while taking a drink of water.

@16:00 “You can even look at the national post payroll, independent freelancers that answer to nobody, and those people are truly independent, they have basically been fired.”

Fired for what Mr. Kay? For wanting to be independent and not following the corporate script. Please show us this payroll list of the journalists that have left (fired) to become “truly free”.

@ 16:50 “If 9/11 were truly an inside job, you would have 100,000 journalists trying to win the Pulitzer prize finding the truth and publishing it.” Then Kay slips back into Obama mode.

@ 21:00 “The idea of an open society that you can keep this kind of dark conspiracy under wraps is preposterous.” Then goes back to Obama again.

You are correct Jonathan Kay, there are 100,000+ independent journalists publishing articles about 9/11 truth every single day. However, the MSM media has already fired these people for trying to get their stories out and they MSM still won;t cover them.

This is the reason why the MSM is losing the info war. It’s because of the independent journalists that want to report the TRUTH! While the MSM continues to protect corporate interests.

Tarpley did a great job in his presentation (starts at 23:00)

@45:00 “I don’t believe Bush knew anything about this in advance. I don;t believe Cheney knew very much more, maybe a little more.”

I agree with the Bush part but Cheney was deeply involved in many ways. He was in command of the USAF and NORAD. That was his 9/11 duties among others.

“This is an outside event by this rogue network”

We all know what Tarpley is talking about here and he is implying that this outside rogue network is Israel and the Mossad.


@ 53:00 JK “The reason you can never win an argument with a conspiracy theorist is they will simply expand the conspiracy theory theory to smallow up the new evidence that you have….. 9/11 commission, NIST, Media are a bunch of lackies.”

This is where you are dead wrong Mr Kay. The professionals, experts, architects, engineers, all challenge these reports. It’s these agencies that ignore these refuttals.

I myself have started several debates with NIST. I even have them all saved. When starting these debates with NIST. All I did was use their own information against them that defies their hypothesis. NIST banned me from their fanpage stating I was posting misinformation. Which i find very bizarre because I was posting their own studies.

As for the 9/11 Commission. 6 out of the 10 commissioners “believe they were set up to fail” and that the “White house has played cover up.”
One commissioner even resigned from the panel because he stated it was a “National scandal.”

I can go on and on about NIST, the Commission and the Media complicity in all of this.

‎@ 56:00 Frum interupts the debate again to ask the audience if they fall under other conspiracy theories. The crowd gets very upset at Frum and they start to call out “Are you a Zionist?” and “Are you with PNAC?”

Then @57:00 an audience member states that this debate is two against one and what kind of moderation is that.

The reason why Frum is interjecting is because he knows his toll Jonathan Kay is out of his league with Tarpley beside him. So what he was trying to do was discredit the audience instead of discrediting the information and the question. It’s called a Straw man argument.

Frum does this again @ 1:12:00. It’s out of desperation this time.

‎@ 1:06:00 Question directed to Kay about “Operation Northwoods”, “Alex Jones” and “Bilderberg”

Kay goes on to mention that yes, operation Northwoods was a real plot but JFK stopped it. Does Jonathan not think that this could have been one of the reasons why JFK was killed. …. or does he think the MOB did it?

With Alex Jones, Kay does not refute AJ’s message, he only says AJ says things of that nature many times a day. Tarpley endorses AJ.

Finally “Bilderberg”. This is outside Kay’s area of study, so basically no comment. He has no comment to give about Top executives from corporations and leaders from around the globe meet in private behind closed doors away from the “open media”. Really Jonathan, no comment at all. I thought this was an “open society”. Guess not.

@ 1:13:00 “What do you find to be the most compelling evidence that 9/11 was an inside job and why do you find it wanting?”

Johnathan Kay brings up the fact that he has a “Masters in medical engineering” and that he became intrigue in the technical aspect. He states he read the NIST report and does not find anything odd about the official accounts at all.

So basically, Mr Kay does not believe in facts! The facts of Nano Thermite, the facts of Molten Metal, the facts of near Free fall speed.

I find it strange that someone with an engineering back ground could believe in numerous flawed theories that have been put out there by NIST.

So Kay, which theory of NIST’s do you find to be the most compelling?

CONCLUSION: Jonathan Kay is a tool, shill, govt agent. Zionist supporter.

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